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    Hello all,

    I am a lover of guns, and all things pertaining to the sport of shooting. I own several weapons from 1911s to a few japanese rifles. I also own your run of the mill things such as savages, ruger, glock and so forth.

    I have a concealed carry permit, and currently tote a Taraus M905 9mm 5 shot revolver as my carry piece, I feel revolvers are less likely to have issues than semis. I have carried semis as well. I like the glock 27 or 36 compact. Above I mentioned a few of the weapons that I have in my small collection, but at this time I am hoping to grow my collection by one or 2 weapons. One of them is going to be an sks to plink with. But, I want a new carry gun. This brings me to where we sit now, I am curious about the performance, accuracy, quality, dependability, feel, and user friendliness of the Steyr MA1 in the 40 S&W. I love the 40 s&w caliber; it has much better knock down power than the 9mm yet is not as cumbersome as 45acp. My 1911 is much to big for concealment!

    A few years back I handled a 9mm version of a Steyr at one of the local gun shows. I was impressed with how it felt in my hand but at that time I thought it looked very odd and opted for a Daewoo what a piece of crap that thing was, luckily I was able to trade that off for a keltec, which didnt fit me either due to the herrendously long trigger pull. Long story short that keltec got bartered for one of the 1911s I have.

    Since I decided that I wanted a new carry weapon I have been looking around. Just so happens that I stumbled upon the MA1 in the Cdnn Catalog. For the asking price of $349.00. This seems a very good price if it lives up to the expectations.

    If any of you fine steyr club members have any information to offer I would be very appreciative of your efforts to educate me in the world of steyr. I am very curious about any info that you may have in the area of using the MA1 as a carry weapon, and to that end; what type of concealment holster/rig would you reccommend. I was looking at the kydex...when it comes to holsters I am a minimalist. For my 1911s I have a simple small clam holster that the pistol slides down into covering only the trigger and slide above the trigger, all the rest of the weapon is exposed while in this rig, but it is very reliable, sturdy, and just the right size. Hence my thoughts on the small kydex holster contoured just for the MA1. But I could be very wrong here?

    Btw, I have been reading good things about the MA1 40 s&w, but I dont put a lot of faith in the gun rags. If you gave me a gun to shoot, and often times let me keep them or offered me an incentive to continue "reviewing" your product of course I am going to rate it well. Seems every gun a gun rag author fires is the best he ever fired. Therefore, I am looking to your club to give me the real skinny.


    Chief 8)
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    In my opinion, the M-A1 series is the ideal carry weapon from a weight/length/width standpoint. I regularly carry every gun I own, including a USPc, 1911, et. al. and my M-A1 is by far and away the most comfortable of the group. The M-A1 also conceals quite well in a kydex Blade-Tech UCH (at least on me). The ideal bores axis (111 degrees) and the lack of a manual safety makes the platform ideal for carry - there are no fine motor skills needed to immediately address a threat should the need arise. The pistol comes with three "integrated" safeties - an automatic trigger, drop, and firing pin safety insure in will only go bang if you pull the boom lever. The trapezoidal sights are excellent for fast target acquisition, though some of us prefer an aftermarket 3 dots setup for precision shooting, YMMV.

    From a reliability standpoint, the M's were originally designed around the .40S&W platform and it is said the M40(A1) will tend to be more reliable than the 9mm variety, though it shouldn't be an issue in either case. There was some trouble with the earlier models extractor design, but Steyr has remedied the problem with a new design. Steyr Arms Inc. has absolute top notch customer service - should anything at all be wrong with the pistol, they will fix it with little to no questions asked and turn around time is usually within 2 weeks.

    To see pictures of my Steyr carry rig, including shots of my Blade-Tech UCH, see these threads - v1.0 & v2.0.

    Also, Thunderbear did a truly exceptional job with his MA1 Holster Illustrated thread.

    I think the M-A1 platform is about perfect carry, and at the CDNN price, there has never been a better time to get one. If you do pick one up, don't forget to post the obligatory range report. :)

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    I've have my M9-A1 for a few months now and I find it to be an excellent compromise between capacity and size/weight. As for accuracy, someone posted here "This gun shoots better than I do" and I have found that to be true. lol. It is certainly MUCH more accurate than the Glock I've been shooting at the range for the past year. I've run over a thousand rounds of cheap brass through it without any problems other than erratic ejection paths during the first 300 rounds or so. It has excellent ergonomics, very little felt recoil, and a short trigger pull. I am considering switching to a three dot for night sights but I'm not sure yet.

    I am waiting on my Blade-Tech UCH right now so I can't comment on it but I do have a Blade-Tech paddle holster. The retention and quality is much better than my Fobus paddle. The adjustable cant is a great feature and from posts by other members here I am expecting the UCH to be just a good. There are leather options if you would rather but for me Kydex is the way to go.

    I bought my M9-A1 without ever seeing a Steyr firearm based on the glowing praise from the members of several dozen handgun forums. It's a steal at the CDNN price.
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    Bit off topic here...

    Syntax - I just saw your pic thread (v1.0)...we all know how we feel about the MA1s, but nice Spyderfly =D. I carry a Microtech may make an appearance when i finally get around to taking pics. Just need to get my MA1 dressed up...gotta go find a thread on how to get this new hogue tool grip on. Good call on the balisong though, not enough people carry them IMO. (i've been a knife guy FAR longer than a gun guy)
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    Not to hijack, but unfortunately, Texas law lets me having a suppressed weapon, machine guns, carry concealed, but not carry a gravity operated knife, so she never leaves the house. Probably for the better - I've been knicked a few times playing with it. Also, would you believe I payed $10 for it? :twisted:
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    I'm 6'2" at a "mostly solid" 220, with average-size hands. The Steyr M40 or M40A1 series pistols are about ideal in size for an IWB beltgun for me, and hide well under a shirt or easily under any sweatshirt/jacket cover. For me, anything much smaller than the M-series will have to be small enough to go in a pocket, as I don't feel the 2"- 3" barreled compacts are worth the belt space. For reference, I can also carry a 5" 1911 in an IWB without much trouble, and often do.

    I carry my M40 in an IWB from Crossbreed, and use my new A1 as an IDPA gun. I do have an adjustable, cantable, tuckable kydex IWB from FIST on order for the A1. I think the ergonomics changes for the A1 were good decisions.

    Reliability for both pistols has been excellent for me. I did have problems when I bought 500 rounds of Wolf ammo, the chamber started to gum up after around 200 to 250 rounds. This was fixed when I d/c with Wolf in that gun. Aside from the problems I encountered during the Wolf episode, the M40 has been 100%, and the A1 has been 100% for about 400 rounds, all since I recently purchased the A1 from CDNN.

    The MA1 in .40 is a pretty dang good CCW pistol.

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    Thanks to you all that took your valuable time to respond to my questions. I am still a bit in awe of the timely responses and all the great info that you have given me. Your actions go well in showing how seriously you take your shooting, hobbies, and your club. You all are a nice representation of what seems to be a very nice avenue of information and interest swapping.

    You have convinced me that i should go ahead and purchase the m40a1. Your personal reviews along with the research I have done have been of great help in this decision.
    I will also be sure to post the initial range results. NOw all I am waiting on is the IRS to deposit that money in my account, and then it is a call to CDNN and then wait. If you know of any FFL holders in Houston Texas that are willing to do transfers please let me know.

    Thanks again, and i look forward to becoming a productive member of this club.

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    you thought the gun was nice???

    what til you get going in this forum. steyrclub is hands down the best gun devoted site on the net.

    i can't tell you how many people have had your experience. curious about the steyr... find this website. then decide to purchase based on the steyrclub experience.

    the next thing... just to prepare you. you'll grin ear to ear from the first shot to the end of your first range session!!

    we do like range reports!!! can't wait to see/hear yours.

    stick with wwb or blaser brass. known reliable ammo in the steyr. maybe pmc or independence. no wolf... no umc. i'll save you the headache.

    disassemble the mags and clean the gunk out. that'll get you running free out of the chute.
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    Re: Thanks

    Contact forum member medacov - he is in Houston and does transfers for SC members @ $5. If, for some reason, he cannot facilitate the transfer, let me know - I have a good friend/fellow steyroid in H-town who can refer you to another guy he was quite pleased with ($15).

    Also, I'm sure you are aware, CDNN is in TX, so you will incur the wrath of the dreaded sales tax. :( :x
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    Welcome to the club. It really is a brotherhood here.... everyone here is very knowledgeable and will help you in any way they can.

    I've even got a buddy on here helping me get an M40-A1 since no dealers in my area seem to want to make money by obtaining a NIB one, mainly because CDNN hates my state apparently :cry:

    However, if there's a will, there's a way. I hope to be taking delivery of my M40-A1 within 2 weeks or less. I'm ordering up some ammo right now for it ;)

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I find the Steyr Ms the slickest, most well-thiought out gun I have ever shot or carried.