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info overload

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Ok, I've done all kinds of research on various IWB holsters........ cant/no cant.......kydex/leather........j-hook/c-clips/loops/clips/velcro.......
........traditional holster/crossbreed type...........

Not able to try any as I live at great distances from gunshops.

I've seemed to have narrowed it to a highnoon IWB, crossbreed super tuck, and a FIST model.....grandfatheroak seems good. Difficult to choose. Any help is appreciated.
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well, i see 25 views of this post with no replys.

i think in the end you just have to trust your gut and go for what seems right. i don't own any of the holsters mentioned so i can't vouch for any of them. that being said, they are all brands of repute who would do something to make it right if you hated their product.

narrow the selection down to one, then scratch that one off the list and beg comp-tac to make you a c-tac. they use to do steyr, they have the mold, at least for the old model. WHEN that doesn't pan out, just pick one and see how it goes. chances are you'll like the first thing you try, not having a previous benchmark for comparison.

my biggest thing with a holster is i want to have a good shooting grip on the gun BEFORE i draw. i want to get my middle finger snug to the trigger guard, the web of my hand firmly in the back strap and my thumb between my body and the gun.

slimness is next. pretty important with the steyr's because they're allready a little on the thick side... realtive to 6 round single stack pocket pistols.

if the holster is cut to enable that, looks reasonably comfy, is pretty slim, and seems right, go for it.
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Conealibility and comfort for a daily carry holster for me.

As BT said grip for a comp holster, though should still be able to conceal too. I do wear my OWB IDPA holster to carry, but like most my usual carry is IWB and those are a pain to reholster during a match.

Again there is no way of knowing w/out trying them on side by side. Even if you had five gunshops w/ easy driving distance (like me) the steyr holsters are special order items.

What people say matters, but since body type is a huge part of it don't take it as gospel (unless it's about the overall quality). But all those mentioned should be high quality stuff and there is no way to tell how it will fit.

so if for some strange reason you want to be like me (cheap out of necisity not desire), you'd get the cheapest off the list and use it to benchmark for what you might want later. This is how you will eventually end up w/ a box of holsters in the closet.
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