Info on the Steyr GB 9mm.

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    I recently acquired a Steyr GB 9mm. Most of the guns I find online don't have the Gun South, Inc., B Ham, AL on the slide. How do I find out more about this gun? ( year made, value) The serial number is 07232. I tried to post a pic but it didn't work.
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    Most of the GB's have the import stamp on top of the slide between the front and rear sights. I have seen very few with it on slide flats, but they are out there.
    As for the date of manufacture, Steyr uses a 3 letter coding system, BUT some of the early GB's have IX82, XI82. etc. I think somewhere between 7100 and 7800, Steyr started using the 3 letter coding. If it doesn't have that, then the line under Made In Austria will have the serial, an eagle, a NPV proof, and the 3 letter code. Gonna guess and say it has PTR as the code? According to the chart attached, it would be August of 83.

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