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    I have just inherited a Steyr .32 Semi Auto pistol from my recently deceased father. Haven't taken possession of it yet so trying to find any information about this pistol on the net - illustrations, history etc. Can anyone enlighten me or point me in the right direction to find historic Steyr references source? Google just ain't doing it for me I'm affraid.
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    Dear Modelman,

    The pistol you inherited is certainly a PIEPER model. Steyr like Browning baught the licence and patent to produce the small pocket pistol designed by PIEPER in Belgium. Like Browning Steyr produced a lot of these pistol in both .25 and 32 Auto caliber.

    They have been produced up to 1914, then the production has been stopped during the WWI. The production started again in 1921 to be definitively stopped in 1939.

    If you go on google just type Steyr Pieper pistol and you will get a lot of information and pictures.


    Steyr Factory

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    um.... I collect FN/Browning pistols and I've never seen a Pieper design with Browning or FN markings.
  4. Trust me blackmarsh....Stey Factory knows what he is talking about.
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    i don't read what steyrfactory posted to say that fn ever made a pieper model.

    i'm reading it to say that browning designed guns, then sold the designs to a manufacturer for production.

    in the same way, apparently, pieper designed this pocket pistol and sold the design to steyr, who manufactured it.

    i can't see browning wanting to buy this particular design because in 1906 he altered the 1903 pistol and created his own little pocket pistol.
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    I know it has been some time but I'd love to see a photo of the gun. It intrigues me.
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