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is your Steyr the same? (read below first)

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Could you post info on factory rounds; manufacturer, bullet weight, etc.

On handloads; type case, primer; type powder and how much, type bullet and weight; overall length?

Have you tried different bullet and powder weights? need to find out why reloads different from factory. Do you load hot?

Several steyroids did have their guns smooth out after 500+ rounds; some of us did not. I had fte's with all types ammo (factory and handload), and brass thrown all over the place..... Took the advice on SteyrClub and stiffened my extractor spring.

Before spring stiffened approx. 3 fte's per 50 rounds; NO fte's after (700 rnds and counting!) and my brass now stays in a 4 ft circle to my right.

Do run more rounds thru to see if it will iron out. If you want to try stiffening your spring, one way is to insert a 1911 plunger spring inside the extractor spring, trimming length to fit. That's how I did it! :)

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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