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I'm sold (newbie) :-)

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Hello everyone,

I have been sufin' the net looking for a new gun (always) and I was very interested in the Steyr 9M-A1. After checking out a few reviews I stumbled upon this site. I checked out all the info on the M and about the only real negative thing that was a little toublesome was the support aspect but it appears that has been ironed out.??? Well, I went ahead and grabbed one. I just picked it up tonight. Picked up 2 extra Mags with also. I must say the sights look better in real life than on the Net :D . It feels great in my hand (a bit on the large size hand) and has about the right weight to it (especially with the Mag in and full). Looks like a good shooter to me. Cleaned it up and little and cycled a few through. Dry fired a little to get a feel and I like it so far. Hopefully weather permitting I can get out tomorrow and test this beast 8) . I like the 15 round Mags and that they are steel also is a + for me. So, I joined the club about 2 days ago and was waiting to get my hands on this gun before making a post. If I get out tomorrow I will post a followup of this and let you know how it went :) Oooh, whats is the status on the plugs on the site? I see its been asked a million times but I just joined and was thinking of perhaps getting one if it shoots good and they are availiable.
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Greetings and welcome, one relative newbie to another. If you like how your Steyr feels now, just wait until you shoot it - this is one sweet, sweet shootin' pistol. I got my S9 last year after shooting a friend's M (they handle about the same) and I have to say it was one of the most comfortable weapons in my hands in some 40 years of shooting.

Lots of good people and information here - without a lot of ego/ninja crap like I've found on too many gun sites.

It is mandatory to give us a range report after the first outing with the pistol.

Welcome to the club
If you are referring to the grip plugs, you won't need them for an MA1, and they won't fit anyway.

If not, carry on, I have no idea what you meant.
I just took out my S9 for the first time yesterday. Went through 200 rounds and was very impressed with the sights and accuracy. I also got very good at clearing jams. At least 40 of those 200 rounds jammed with the empty casing hanging half out of the chamber and the next live round half out of the magazine. The gun is new and I've read about the break-in period so I will just keep heading to the range and see if it clears up.
Make sure the gun is well lubed.
Steyr pistols don't like to be shot dry.

Stovepipes are also an indication of limp wristing, be sure you have an adequate grip on the gun.
Just some friendly advice! :D

Make sure that you use a decent quality ammunition when using your new M9-A1 as there have been many folks on here who have reported problems with the original M-series and S-series that have been traced back to dirty ammunition or ammunition manufacturers with poor quality control.

Avoid Wolf pistol ammunition like the Ebola virus and I would not use reloads unless you are very experienced. If you want to use reloads talk to a MR. APATHY as he can give you all the info you'll need on shooting reloads without failure.

I like CCI Blazzer Brass and alot of people swear by WWB as well. In the case of both types of ammunition they can be bought cheaply and are carried by most major retailers that stock pistol ammunition. Now, don't less this discourage you about your new pistol as most pistols need quality ammunition.

Other than that.....good shooting!
Range Report:
Ok here is the report that I promised. Almost didn't think I was going to make it today. It was a very cold and rainy day. I went to the covered range (just covered not heated). I put 200 rounds of ammo through the gun tonight. I used Wolf (yeah I know its cheap and dirty but that was all they had at the time and I wanted to use something dirty anyhow to test it out. Also to note, I clean my gun after every trip to the range no matter what ammo I shoot. I must say to start I was very impressed with the sights and they performed even better than I had thought that they would. :) The gun is extremely accurate and I just love the sites. I wish I had these sights on all my guns. The recoil was very mild which also helped with the control and accuracy. The Trigger is smooth and crisp breaking. As stated, 200 rounds I had about 10 jams. 7 of those were stovepipes and the others were jams where the bullet didn't eject proper and the other tried to load. 1 was a real problem and stuck in the barrel and I had to strip and pull the casing out of the barrel. That one sucked big time. :evil: The gun was well lubed before shooting and I exercised the slide the night before. I blame most of the jams on the ammo and the fact that the gun is new. Although I must say I never had a jam with my Glock, Ruger or S&W with the Wolf Ammo but it is cheap and the steel casings suck. After about 100 rnds, I settled in with a Mag and a fresh target and took my time. out of 15 at about 25, I managed to put 12 of those in the black with a little less than a inch apart and 3 strays (thats all my fault for sure). Looks like the gun is going to make me a better shooter :D. After 200 rnds I had to get out of there because the temp went way down and started to snow pretty bad. Hopefully the weather will clear up this weekend and I can get back there and try some different ammo and see if I get better results.

In closing I must say that I am impressed with the feel of the gun and the sights are outstanding! I can easily see this as being my Competition/CCW gun. Just gotta break it in a little more and perhaps get some better ammo. :) On a scale from 1 - 10
Accuracy = 9
Recoil = 8
Sights = 11 :D
Trigger = 9
Weight and Feel = 8
Dependability = 4 (again the ammo and the fact that its new)

If I get out this weekend I will post the results. Ooh also, Thanks for the welcome to the forum. It sure seems like a nice, friendly and helpful community and I look forward to shooting the bull and hearing what others have to say about there Steyr. 8)
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I am glad you liked it. They are a great gun that will only have more fans in the future.
Try Winchester.

Then report back. I have not had a single issue using WWB.
Pesky and Kev,
as stated already, clean, oil, try a couple brands of ammo, and lock wrists properly. You can over oil the extractor channell so that it builds up gunk, just clean it well and a breath of oil there.

Also I'd add while sitting at home watching TV and MAKING TRIPLE SURE GUN IS EMPTY, just keep racking the slide repeatedly, and mix in a little dry fire just because it's good practice anyway.

Kinda like the Ruger revolver trigger job (ask any Sp1001 or GP100 owner), just sit around and repeatedly pull (slide in this case not trigger) while watching TV to get things broken in.
OK, I went out again today and put another 200 rounds through it. I only had 8 jams this time which is alot better. I used UMC the first time and WWB today. Maybe a few more times out and I will be set.
umc is 50/50 for steyr shooters. half of us avoid it like the plague because umc=certain jam. others have zero trouble.

after 500 rounds of wwb break-in, you should be malfunction free.
Range Report Part II
Ok went to the club today. Weather was better. A little warmer this time and no snow. I got some Mastercast Ammo (local ammo) and used up more of the Wolf. Also, last night I sat and worked the slide all night and cleaned it again oiling up just right. I could feel the gun getting looser as I worked with it. I put about 250 rnds through it today. The Mastercast performed flawlessly :) Not a single jam and was very accurate. Ok, tried the Wolf again and had 7 jams. It appears that the gun just doesn't like the steel casings. The jams are where the fired bullet does not want to eject from the barrel and the other tries to load. That happened all 7 times the same thing. But again the Masters were perfect. They are about 20$ more for a case so I picked one up 8). So far I really like this gun. I just feels right in my hand and I am becoming even more accurate the more I shoot it. The weather is supposed to be even better tomorrow so I will certainly be back again tomorrow for a few more rounds :D
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Ah HAA!!

Once you find a load the gun likes it is a pleasure.

Glad things are going so well with the gun.

Steyrs are picky about the ammunition if that ammo worked for you and is cheaper than WWB or CCI Blazzer I'd stick with it. You did the right thing though in working the slide and dry firing it as that will really pay off in helping you break that beauty in faster.

I'd never use Wolf, but I can see why someone would want to go worse case scenario on the pistol.
New Steyr

Hi Peskygee welcome to the steyr cult. I am also from Pittsburgh. Washington county to be exact. I was curious where you found your Steyr in PGH. I dont know of any local shops selling them. I shoot at dormont Mt lebo in 84, Pa its a very nice out door range. enjoy the new steyr now you c an look for a M-40 or M-357 Sig at the Expo mart march 25-26 2006 take care. George
holy crap!!!

i'm from pittsburgh. mt. washington. we gotta all get together for some ipsc action!!!
Range Report III :) Its getting better!
Sorry I didn't get a chance to report again this weekend but I went out on Sunday for about 300 more rounds. Weather was great. A little cool but sunny. Great day for shooting. Put about 300 more rounds through the gun. A mixture of the Masters and Wolf and its getting much better. I think I had about 5 jams. 4 with the Wolf of course and 1 with the Masters. I think that one with the masters was my fault (relaxed my wrist a little). But the gun is really coming along and I'm having a blast with it. I love the feel in my hand. Recoil is not really there at all and the sights I think I mentioned before are just the best I have ever seen on a gun. The gun in surely in my top 3 that I own and I can't wait to get out and shoot it again. Also, can't wait for the IDPA's this year to see what I can do with her. 8).

Nice to see that there are a few people from the Burgh area here. I'm actually from the Robinson Twp. area so we are not that far from each other. Perhaps when the weather breaks, we can hookup and do a little shooting :D. As to the answer of where I found my gun here in Pitts, actually I didn't find it here. I was out on the web and seen the Styer Website and I really took to the gun when I seen it. This is the first gun that I purchased without holding it in my hand first. I asked the owner of the club were I am a member if it were possible to order the gun and he checked for me and yes, was able to get it. So I grabbed it up and 2 extra mags (both 15's). There really aren't too many places around here to get guns at a reasonable price so I usually go through the club. Some of the shops around here are way overpriced for there pistols. I have seen differences in price by almost $75 for certain guns. Especially the Glocks! They seem to really mark them up here in this area. I paid about $425 out the door for my G21 and at other shops in this area (there aren't many) they wanted around $500 or more for it.

Doesn't look like this week I am going to get out and shoot. Its a little cold and they are calling for rain all this week. Can't wait until spring comes I will be out every weekend with this gun 8)

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i like dealing with jonhson's sporting goods. that's where i bought both of my steyrs.

they had the s40 used at a great price. and they beat cdnn's price when i ordered it through them!!! davidson's still had some back then. they're pretty close to you.

they keep pretty good prices on everything, even glocks.
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