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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ThaiBoxer, May 19, 2007.

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    I shot a Steel Challenge match today, my second. I decided to shoot my 1911 and my M40A1.

    I took 5th and 6th, 17 shooters. Second in SSP, and 3rd in 1911 class. I had a malfunction with my 1911 with a new mag, so I had one bad string that was tossed.

    But I was 10 seconds faster with my 1911!

    I think it was from a bad weak hand string with the Steyr, hung up for about 5-6 shots on the farthest, small steel. The 1911 trigger is simply better for those weak hand shots. Waiting for scores to come up to work it all out in the postmortem.

    I've never wanted a race gun, but one guy (took 2nd) had one in .38 Super, and it does kind of get the competitive juices flowing.

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    sounds like some nice shooting. shooting steel is great because of the reactive targets. but not so great when you can't get a reaction!!! i dumped 20 rounds at a 4" steel square at 25 yards one day. it was still standing when i was out of ammo!!! i hate saying, "shooter done" when there's still targets up.

    single action is always faster, smoother, lighter, better. that's why most race guns are single action.

    sounds like 5-6 shots, weak hand, and at a long distance could easily add up to 10 seconds.

    so all in all, with that one exception, you were shooting the double action steyr pretty close to the 1911. which is itself an acheivement.

    this is the conundrum with shooting in competitions. it starts out as a way to get some quality trigger time and as a way to develop theoretical shooting knowledge into actionable practice while moving and engaging mutliple targets. but then...

    all the sudden you want to WIN!!! happens to everyone. and the game sucks you in.

    i know lots of guys who bought a gun for ccw. went to idpa. found ipsc. bought race gun. see their carry set up as inferior to their race gun, but won't carry a race gun obivously. and no longer even own a ccw gun.

    a lot of what wins competitions is bad tactically. but that sounds like an excuse when you're in second place. in particular, the idea of a par time house clearing seems ridiculous to me.

    i've always approached it from a game standpoint, knowing i would never win anyway. competition around me is tough!! it feels good to win a stage here or there, but i've never worried about my extra 5-10 seconds in my class. and i certainly never worried about the unlimited class shooters who had full minutes on my time. compensators and red dots on 5 pound 9mm's make lots of holes in a hurry, but after the competition, my same gun will be on my person if i ever need it for a more grave stuation.

    but it is intoxicating watching brass pour out of one of those purpose built beauties!!


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    Sounds like you did fine.
    Hope this guy wasn't there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyH77Rhcelw
    Reactive targets that don't fall are a real pain. Happened to me in a cowboy action shoot with a Colt 1847 Walker black powder replica. Mag changes are a lot slower in that situation. Lots of little round pieces of steel looking back at you saying :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I looked over the results, and it appears that the last stage pushed the 1911 in front of the Steyr, I believe the Steyr was ahead by three seconds until that long weak hand shot bit me.

    I like shooting them both, but Steyr gets carried more.