I'm in shock the little woman gave me the OK

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    So I was talking to her this morning all she could talk about was the wedding plans she'd been making. So I quickly changed the topic to guns (how the conversation usually goes) I was telling her about a deal I got offered on a Bushmaster M4A3Carbine. She was like do whatever you want. Normally thats the death nail but this morning she was serious. She basically told me it's my money and as long as the bills are always getting paid she doesn't mind how many guns I collect the only thing she wants is to know when I buy them(since I bought the S9 and she found out like a week later) I even told her that I'm buying the Sig May 05 GSR plus the Steyr M9. She was completely cool with everything.

    Then a little later I told her how if I buy the bushy I am going to make her shoot it and take a picture of her shooting it and send it to her brother who's current in the marine corps and jealous that his big sister has been shooting pistols and he hadn't gotten to at the time but he'd been able to shoot an M-16. She laughed and said he'd be pissed that she got to shoot a M4. It was pretty funny.

    See technically she gives me xxx number of dollars each month that goes towards our rent/utilites the rest comes from me. She's the one who routinely winds up short so she really doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to what I do with my money.

    Cliff Notes:Fiancee gave me the OK to buy a M4A3, Sig May 05 GSR, Steyr M9 and Springer XD Sub Compact
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    13 views and no one else is going to say it! Dude, I'm happy for your getting the guns but your post/story sounds a bit

    Pussy Whipped
    http://www.popinternational.com/Marco/i ... ssyWhipped

    Might want to look into that? Or not, it's your deal.
    Congrats again on the guns.

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    Theres another way to look at it.

    I'd planned to buy the stuff anyway. I'm just surprised I got the OK for it.

    Also a smart man knows how to make sure the little woman doesn't get pissed then take the pooty and hold it hostage till she's no longer mad.

    You call it pussy whipped I call it smart. I get my guns AND I still get some luvin!
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    Personally I refuse to play that game. I keep my wife happy because I love her, but it's understood that if she wanted to play the -you didn't do what I wanted so you're not getting any game- she doesn't have the only one in town. Luckily, that's never been a problem, she's doesn't think that way.
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    Ditto on the "pussy whipped". 8)
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    I re-read your post and I misread the last part of your post earlier.

    Now I think you're only a little bit whipped :lol:
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    It has been my my experience that what women say and what they mean can be two different things. Just my 2 cents. I hope it works out for you the guns and the fiancee.

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    The beauty of my relationship is that in 7 years I've learned how to hold her to her word.
    Plus since unlike my father who hands his paycheck to my mom. I control the money in the house. If I didn't tell her she wouldn't know until I showed up with a large plastic case full of goodies.
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    are you guys getting married? of course she doesn't care right now, because all she cares is about getting married, and getting this perfect wedding. and little gun cost doesn't even compare to wedding cost. once you're firmly in her claw, we'll see if her tone changes. :D good luck.
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    your'e all a bunch of cynical bastiches.
    those kinds of statements only hold true to about 99.7% of women out there.

    rest are like mine and worlpax's wives (hell mine don't even care about the toilet seat being up).

    but seriously as long as he makes most of the money and the bills are paid she better not be the type to care, if she was i'd say run now it'll only get worse.

    My wife and I each get our own "allowance" that goes into our personal accounts. This works very well for us, and I'd highly recomend it if both parties make roughly equal and your situation doesn't allow much "extra spending".
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    Once a month she deposits a certain amount of money into my checking that I use along with my money to pay the utlities and rent. She pays for her own stuff like car payment car insurance and her own credit cards I do the same with my money. We've talked about what to do after the wedding we're planning on keeping things the same way because she doesn't want me to have any say over her money anymore than I want her to have say over my money.

    Sad to say though I may have to cut the Steyr M9 out of my shopping list.