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I'm down to only two CCW pistols, guess which?

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I've pared down to two pistols, a Kahr PM9 which is my lightweight, thin CCW and the recently acquired Steyr M9. BTW, I like both pistols and especially the M9 with the fifteen rounds.

It's taken me a few years to find the 'right' pistols that I shoot 'decently' and most of all feel comfortable with on my belt, in my hand and that I can have trust in the reliability of.

My Steyr is running well and I'd feel even better if the service and parts issues get worked out in the near term.

Everyone who has posted the excellent kudos to the Steyr's over the past years on the gun forums got my attention and that's why I chose this over the G19.

I've been feeling very patient with the Steyr situation and have decided that whatever happens, happens. It's only a pistol and I'm going to enjoy it now. I've got one holster for it already and another is on the way. I might sell one in the forum if I decide to or keep them both as they are top of the line holsters especially for the M9.

Is anyone else CCW'ing a Steyr and how many pistols (or years) did it take to find a pistol that's 'right' for you? :wink:
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I have CCW'd my Steyr M9. Felt fine, a little bulky. My "real deal" CCW piece is an HK P7. Nothing beats that. Also have a Walther PPK/Stainless in .380 for certain situations. Also, I favor the Makarov, especially in the climate where I live. Pack the Mak in a Fobus IWB and you will forget that you are carrying. Not so with the Steyr. A little bulky but not bad. The Mak/Walther/P7 you can wear with an untucked polo shirt and no one is the wiser. Bit of a bulge with the Steyr.
CCW my S9 every day. Have had no problems and it feels great. I was a 1911 guy for a long time before finding the Steyr. Carried a USP while searching but have settled on the Steyr. It has become a faithful friend.
IDPA - Did you get my E-mail?

Regards, CGuns

I wonder how an S9 would conceal. Probably pretty nicely.
What magazine do you carry yours with?
I carry my M-40 as a CCW weapon on occassions when I feel such protection is warranted due to the fact that often during the summer it is much to large to be concealed properly. However, the M-40 is my primary handgun, serves night stand duty, and is the pistol I spend the most time training with.

The first handgun I ever owned was Remington .357 magnum stainless steel given to me by my father who is an old school wheel gun kind of guy. While I do not personally own one I am often the care taker of a Beretta M9, which while easy to shoot is not my pistol of choice. I also own a colt 1911 that belonged to my grandfather, but I rarely shoot it as it is a family airloon with alot of stories behind it.

When I was looking at handguns for personal protection I went to Gandor Mountain and of course looked at Glocks, which I had fired before at ranges, and low and behold I spotted the M-40. The weapon stood out from the others in the way it felt and I loved its low bore axis. The price was a little below the Glock and way below the HK USP so I went home and did some research. The Steyr on paper was the superior firearm in many respects so I took the plunge and bought the M-40. I haven't regretted it of the finest weapons I've ever shot and I'd take it any day over more expensive HKs or even Kimber 1911s.

Safe Shooting
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CGuns, Got the email, Thanks.

Re: the S9, it conceals great, I have an S40 mag modified to hold 12 in the gun and a M9 hi-cap in the mag pouch. I use Federal Hydroshock as my carry ammo. It's a great package and I never feel undergunned. Even in summer I just keep a knit shirt untucked and it conceals very well.
My favorite carry is an HK P7 with the Steyr S9 as a very close second. The S9's low bore axis, 111 degree grip frame, and light recoil make the shooting charateristics very similar to the P7 at a fraction of the cost.

I would like to add a M9 into the mix for comparison. Size and imprinting is not a concern since Tennessee doesn't have a conceal requirement. :wink:
+1 for the P7

I too am looking into getting a S9 for CCW. I currently carry a Glock 27 or my HK P7, the P7 is wondeful as a CCW but I only own one and I know that the future cost of maintaing and servicing it will continue to grow to even higher amounts of money than now, which you all know are pretty high. I just feel that I would like to maintain the P7 as a "Safe Queen" which I will of course shoot but not carry daily due to the wear that this will cause. Silly I know but I can not help feeling that way, I do want to keep that pistol shooting foreve! Because of these reasons I carry the Glock 27 daily, great gun but I really want to replace it with a S9 to go along with my M9 whch I use for my home defense gun, I like the ideals of both my carry gun and my home gun to use the same manual of arms. I have not carried the M9 CCW yet, no holster to do so but I am working on that!

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