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    Video At Google Link here

    this country is so screwed up. its weird how the government has control setup and we have a anti liberty movement. not quite a police state but definately a control state. sad when laws are not selectively enforced. not even laws repugnant to the constitution which are supposed to be null and void.

    btw good reading the aliens and sedition act 1798

    they mention the guy that had his house shot to feces
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    Post a link when you can. There's a bunch of videos and laptop's aircard would take all day to download them all.




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    More and more I'm thinking cheap labor and Dem voters are secondary motives. I think drug money has been spread all over D.C. and is the prime reason for the open borders.
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    Step aside please allow Mr. MidTNShooter on his soap box

    Hello All !

    My belief is like minimum wages. Read on....
    1) Our social security is gone. I have read anyone retiring before 2032 is "somewhat safe". Anyone after that is "screwd".
    2) If we raise the minimum wage, the only people who benefit is the government. More wages, more taxes. The bread is increased due to labor, therefore the cost goes up and yes taxes.
    3) The illegals DO pay taxes. You are probably saying -hell- no they don't. Well all illegal imigrants have ONE person who is legal. This is a fellow immigrant, sub-contractor, etc. They pay all the taxes for the whole group. He/She pays the federal taxes, social security, etc. There fore he/she gets any refunds at the end of the year PLUS cheap labor.
    4) We get to get cheap vegetables and homes at a discount due to lower costs. Wait, naw we don't. I was just kidding. The subs and general contractors keep all the extra profit. We only get stiffed on jobs. But they pay their shares and the government benefits.
    5) We should charge the businesses X amount of dollars per illegal on the first offense and take their business license the second offense, maybe jail.
    6) Georgia has strict offenses for any businesses that hire illegals. All states should.
    7) We didn't pay to bring them here, we shouldn't pay to haul them off.
    8) Maybe offering a bounty for each illegal, maybe a larger bounty to take them back.
    9) They have no rights, they are illegal. My grandparents came over from Scotland. They were legally imported (haha) so should the illegals.
    10) Canadians also fall into this category, my only problems is, is that they can offer our country something.
    11) _HELL_ I'm tired of typing, seriously.
    12) California Senator Duncan has entered the race and is Highly against the illegals, unlike the man I voted for.
    13) Put some more men/women on the line with weapons that will stop the drug runners. The minutemen can't do it all. If all else fails, pay them for their time. They are true heros !
    14) Did I say I am tired on typing, whew !

    'Nuff Said MidTNShooter" now get off the soapbox.

    Take Care All !