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IGB rail adapter

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Steyr USA has it listed as Picatinny

IGB lists it as Weaver.

I purchased a Picatinny tac light and the mount is indeed weaver. The mount will have to be modified.

Just to let everyone know.

Ok, I guess yahoo won't allow linking to images
I uploaded the pic here on the board under Styer handguns. It should be there after moderator approval
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Lets see if this works

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I had to open up the dovetail in the rail using a file.
The light is rock solid.

Notice that the light is a bit lower than it should be. This is due to the thickness of the mount. The paddles that operate the light should straddle the trigger guard rather than be at the lower edge.
I doubt anything will fit. The Tac light I have is very small.
The adapter is very larbe. About the same size as the light 8O
I think there could have been a better design. I've seen an adapter for both a Walther and H&K that are near flush with the dust cover.
late today, I'm meeting with a machinist. We are going to see if the mount can be modified further to be as small as possible.

Steyr USA still lists it as available at $50.06 (what's up with the $0.06 :?: )
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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