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IGB Barrel

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Just got my IGB 357sig barrel and I was surprised to see a semi-finished barrel that needed fitting... 8-O Has anyone else gotten barrels from these folks??? I'm used to getting very highly polished barrels without machining marks all over the thing....But Marc the distributor assures me these are high quality comp barrels.......So has anyone fit one of these barrels in their Steyrs.....The sides seem to need filing as well as the lock up area. I'm not sure where to file safely and need some advice on this one.....
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Interesting, I just bought an IGB barrel for my CZ 75.
According to the IGB web site and the retailer it was supposed to be "drop in" but no.
Happily the retailer agreed to do the fitting for free as they claimed it to be a "drop in".
Still, I'm thinking of a 9mm IGB barrel for my M40, would be nice in the winter (don't want to lose my .40 brass in the snow... :roll: )
Got my CZ 75 back today with the now fitted IGB "supposed drop-in" barrel :)

Works great now.

IGB barrel also featured in this little video I made :wink:
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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