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IGB Barrel

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Just got my IGB 357sig barrel and I was surprised to see a semi-finished barrel that needed fitting... 8-O Has anyone else gotten barrels from these folks??? I'm used to getting very highly polished barrels without machining marks all over the thing....But Marc the distributor assures me these are high quality comp barrels.......So has anyone fit one of these barrels in their Steyrs.....The sides seem to need filing as well as the lock up area. I'm not sure where to file safely and need some advice on this one.....
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Hiya Shooter :)

Sorry the IGB barrel wasn't what you expected. I feel kinda involved since I've made several posts mentioning MDW and Marc Wagner. Since I've been in contact with Marc for my S357 barrel for my new S40-A1 (which I'm still anxiously waiting for), I felt that I should contact him immediately to get what Marc has to say about their return policy. I emailed Marc last night and this morning I got this email back from him, along with a pic.

Hi Wulf

First off all, there are no "machine marks" on the barrel and "high polished" I guess is mend for maybe stainless?
The IGB barrels are not stainless and neither are the Steyr barrel. The IGB barrel finish however is in the same quality as Steyr.
I added a picture of a barrel as was send out.
Also it's an industries standard, that barrels are "semi drop in". Call BarSto or Jarvis and they will tell you the same.
All required are a few strokes to assure the perfect fit, which then gives the gun a good accuracy.
If anyone is not happy with the barrel, they can return it (before any fitting work is done) for refund.

If its not what you expected, send it back ASAP for a full refund. Or, better yet, someone here in the Club will want it to compliment their M40 or M40-A1. Hell, if ya send it back and exchange it for the S357 barrel, I'll send ya the cash. Also, if there is anyone that has had dealings with MDW or IGB Austria, plz post your experience with the quality and the results after having it installed, and lets getta realtime handle on this ASAP for future reference. Sorry it wasn't what you expected, Shooter. I betcha everything will turn out fine. Hava great weekend, All. :D

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Hiya Shooter :)

Hey, if ya can, get some good pics to post of your Bar-Sto or KKM to compare, maybe a side by side of the 2. Better yet, put all 3 different makes in one frame. That oughtta be a great visual confirmation of quality, finish, etc. I wish I had 'em in my hand to make my own comparisons. Of course, no one else makes an after market S357 barrel, to my knowledge.

Hey!...Anybody out there know where I can get an after market S or M 357 SIG barrel?

That oughtta do it. 8) Hava great weekend.

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