IDPA USPSA What's the difference???

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Scoots, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Scoots

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    Complete newb to pistol competition shooting. My wife and I would like to begin fun competition shooting using a standard L9-A1 with the trap sights and a standard holster ..... no race rigs. So, what's the difference between IDPA competition and USPSA competition with a stock factory pistol???
  2. Bajaholic

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    I shoot USPSA. The rules are looser in USPSA than IDPA. The courses are similar but IDPA is much more specific about how it is shot ie: reloads, drawing, angles, etc.

    For me, I prefer USPSA because enjoy the challenge, of firing course, figuring out the best way to shoot it, then moving on. One has to be much more of a detailed person to run IDPA.

    A great web site to check out for more info is:

  3. Two Mikes

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    In USPSA, you shoot more rounds in any manner you decide, provided that its safe. In IDPA, they shoot less rounds and specify your actions (where,when and how to reload, where to shoot from, etc.). Some of the iDPA rules don't make much sense to an USPSA shooter.

    For a newbie, I'd suggest you spend time shooting Steel Challenge match before doing run-and-gun (USPSA, IDPA). The nice thing about Steel Challenge is there is no movement and some matches have a novice class where you don't draw from a holster. Shooting steel fast is a kick-arse experience and is excellent skill-building experience.

    Another side benefit of shooting steel, is that it'll make you invincible when you have to shoot steel poppers in USPSA or IDPA. When I shoot USPSA, steel poppers were hated by everyone who didn't have Steel Challenge experience.