IDPA Nat'l Championships with Steyr M40A1

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    It was 17 stages at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK. A magnificent facility. Many, many shooting bays like 28 or more. Weather was very fine, upper 70s to low 80s, clear skies, humidity reasonable.

    The match was excellent. All of the stages were good ones, at least to my easy-going tastes. I saw no problems, and heard no complaints. The match SOs and the flow was excellent. I witnessed no personality conflicts or other problems.

    Cool stages:

    Quiki-Mart stage, started with a silenced 9mm Glunk, then retrieve the Steyr and engage a charging paper target that disappears at the end, then finish off others. The charging target was an excellent piece of equipment.

    Tunnel Rat stage, flashlight, pistol in hand, and spare mag in weak hand. Fun and cool, but I effed it up badly when I lost track of the spare mag, and didn't have another on my belt.

    Kill house, an indoor, house-clearing stage. Fun and exciting, ended with a flashlight-component in the last room.

    Shoot from inside a car stage, finish by either running around the back, or lunging across the car to the other window. Tricky and fun.

    Some other mover stages that were fun and challenging. Also a shootout amongst junk cars was cool.

    My performance was lackluster. I made mental errors, had execution problems, flubbed some reloads, and shot a few notches below my typical accuracy standard. I earned 3 procedurals 2 for cover and one for leaving cover before my mag was fully seated. While I was not pleased with my performance, I did have fun. I did not think I placed well, and I didn't, SSP Expert:

    I fired about 260 rounds of case-guaged reloads. The Steyr gave me one light strike or fail to ignite. I did not retrieve the problem round to see if it was a light strike or if it simply failed tp light up. I don't recall seeing any other probs on my squad.

    The side matches were interesting and quick. A shotgun, a rifle, and a BUG side match, plus demo shoots with Wilson and Glock. The AR in the side match had an XS sight that has a notch at the top of the blade for close work, and the aperture for 50 yard and further. As might be expected, the Wilson guns were very nice and the Glocks....meh, a Glock is what it is. I shot the G20, the G34, and the Glock that is a small .45 single stack. The G34 does stay pretty level, I'll give it that.


    Go Steyr!

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    Ok, now that sounds like fun!!

    How many rounds did you fire in total?


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    It's all good to make it to Nationals.
    Good experience and fun. :thumbsup:
    Any other Steyrs there, or did you just get quizzical looks?
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    Way to represent, Ben :thumbsup: Sounds like a blast!
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    No other Steyrs AFAIK, several questions and talk about it. Fired about 280 rounds, I think.