IDPA holsters for M9-A1

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Ungarotonto, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Ungarotonto

    Ungarotonto Guest

    A couple months ago I met FlaChef at an IDPA shoot when he showed me his S. Well, I just got a M9-A1. The first range session was good, no problems. The trap sights are something I have to get used to.

    I would like to buy a decent holster for IDPA/carry. I use Comp-Tac with my Sigs, but I would try a leather holster for the A1. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    Since you are familiar with Kydex you know just how fast it is.
    BladeTech makes Kydex for the A1, I have the Stingray holster and it fits well.
    As for leather, Steyr sells a Desantis made pancake style made for the A1.
    FIST can make any of the designs for the A1.
    K&D has several designs including an open top paddle (not shown on the web site)
    Blue line makes two open top designs.

    For IDPA I would imagine something similar to an "Askins" design would be best,something with no cant that can be worn just behind the center line.

  3. FlaChef

    FlaChef Guest

    What I used to use for my original M and still use for my S is a blade tech (I bought it as a paddle, but when the new holster rules came out I just called blade-tech and got a belt loop put on it.)

    Since I sold my original M40 and have the new M9A1 I am back in the same boat as you.

    None of my leather fits the A1 either, though some people can use their leather for both models (it's the added light rail that changes the fit).

    I was going to see Cal at this Sundays match and see what he can do for me on another Blade-Tech (I think since he does a lot of holster business w/ them he may be able to undercut their website prices and/or not have a six week wait.)

    BTW, we here expect a range report from new members when they get to take their new toys out :wink:
  4. cyzonyx

    cyzonyx New Member

    Paddle holsters are no longer allowed in IDPA? Looking to go to my first match next month, and want to have usable equipment.
  5. armored

    armored New Member

    Paddle Holster's ARE legal for IDPA.
  6. FlaChef

    FlaChef Guest

    holsters that have a light gap between the body of the hoster and the belt are no longer allowed. This will vary a little by body type of the shooter.
    For the most part this only mtters at larger matches. For local matches, generally everyone is cool w/ just using what you got.
  7. Ungarotonto

    Ungarotonto Guest

    Thanks for the responses. I am sorta impressed with the K&D rig, but never used one. We'll find out how good they are.... after how many weeks? 10 or so :(
  8. Thunderbear

    Thunderbear Member

    When did you get an A1? Congrats!

    Why nine, though?