I want to lay in some 9mm ball to break-in the M9.

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    I'd like to bring in 1000 rounds of FMJ 9mm ammo. Who knows what the Steyr's like and don't like when it comes to ball ammo? Anyone know of any good deals out there. Just checked with ammoman.com and am open to other suggestions.
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    I would start with 1-2 boxes of all the major brands. Figure out what your M-9 likes the best and then buy a case.

    When it comes to ball ammo I am never really picky. in 9mm I purchase the foreign stuff like PMP or MFS as it is cheap and just for plinking.

    .40 cal I buy PMC as it is a bit lower recoil and competative in price.
    .45 I buy the absolute least expensive I can find.

    I do stay away from the Russian steel cased ammo as I think it rougher on extractors. The only guns I shoot steel case in are an AK,SKS or Makarov.

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    steyrs hate wolf.
    remington UMC is usually good, but some steyrs don't like it (30-50%).

    check the good the bad and the ugly thread in the ammo forum.
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    My S9 does Ok with Blazer aluminum which from Academy (if you have one local) or Natchezss.com online is about as cheap as anything.

    It's not the cleanest ammo on earth but not too bad and I have had one or two FTEs with it but it's pretty accurate and shoots well.

    Also had good luck with WWB in it if Aluminum ain't your thing - Walmart sells that pretty cheap in 100 boxes.
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    My bad. I neglected to see that the forum has an ammo section. I also checked with GT and read through thr posts.

    I think I'll get some more local Wally World White Box and break in the pistol.

    While I'm already here, Re: defensive loads, I've had very good success in my small (three inch) Kahr PM9 with the 147 gr Gold Dots. Accurate, reliable and low muzzle flash.

    I'm thinking of trying some 124gr +P Gold Dots in the longer barrel M9. Any good/bad recommendations for the defense loads re: feeding, muzzle flash, etc?

    Much appreciated! :)
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    My Steyr eats UMC-Remington, WWB & CCI Blazer Brass FMJs ... it also eats UMC-Remington 100 pack JHPs (about as cheap as FMJs). All this is available at my local Wally Worlds. Have fun!

    P.S.: I heard bad things about Wolf so avoid it. Although have heard that they are producing newer ammo that is supposed to be better.
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    I use the 124gr +P GDs in every 9mm I have - the S9, Glock 19 and Kahr PM9 (true they are a bit snappy in the latter but an Agrip really helps). All three guns feed them well and shoot accurately with them.

    BTW ammoman.com is doing a great special on these right now - $99 for 500 shipped. I just restocked but may lay in some more for that deal.
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    I noticed that but he's out for the present time. A fellow on Sigforum has got 500 rounds of Class A Gold Dot 124 +P's for $110.00 shipped. I just noticed this and sent him an e-mail.
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    Bugger - pity.

    And I stand corrected anyway - that deal was for the 115gr +Ps now I check. Still a nice round and with pretty much negligible difference in all areas, but hey.

    FWIW I bought my last refill of 124gr +P GDs from a seller on THR's accessories sales board - 350 in boxes of 50 for $79 shipped. Not quite as good as the ammoman deal but a nice chap to deal with and very quick and easy. He may have some more
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    Over on the Sigforum, there's a very good recommendation for 9mm 124gr. and 147 gr. ammo that many there are very happy with. I called Mike and we spoke and he's shipping me next week 500 rounds of 124 and 500 rounds of 147. Here's a link to the Sigforum post:

    http://sigforum.com/eve/ubb.x/a/tpc/f/3 ... /765103652

    I told him that I would post the 'results' of shooting his ammo on the Steyrclub forum after my first soon-to-be long range session with the M9.
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    Here's another post from the Sigforum re: ammo. I think today is the last day. I just got contacted and will place order later or tomorrow. These are Class 'A' Gold Dots. This is a GREAT price.

    Brand new speer 9mm gold dot 124 gr. +P
    7 boxes / 350 rds $79 shipped
    8 boxes / 400 rds $89 shipped
    10 boxes / 500 rds. $110 shipped

    accept paypal or a postal money order.
    e-mail & paypal : [email protected]


    **UPDATE 4/27: Last Call **
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    I just received the ammo and according to Speer, the ammo is so fresh, it was manufactured the last week of March 2005. Excellent transaction and highly recommended. Will take to the range in a few days.
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    I just noticed this thread and also recognized your name from the Sig Forum thread. SR who arranged the group buy is a friend of mine who also turned me on to Lancer Ammo. I just posted a long review of it in another thread in this section. Bottom line - I absolutely love it - especially the 147 for IDPA matches and general practice.

    I look forward to your review.

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    The Lancer ammo arrived in bulk and everything about it said 'first class'. The packaging, the communication, the shipment, etc. I will be taking both the Lancer and Gold Dot ammo to the range, maybe on Sunday or early next week. Tomorrow, I'm headed to 13,250 ft to climb Storm Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park with friends. A 'nice' fourteen mile round trip to altitude., carrying/wearing snow shoes and carrying ice axe and gear.
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    Hardcore! Have fun and be safe!

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    sheesh 8O
    I worked at 10,600 ft in snowmass, i got winded going up and down stairs between the two kitchens twice in a row :oops:

    I'll leave the mountain climbing to you non smoking non sea level bred types. But skiing to and from work was an unbeatable feeling 8)