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Hello all. I am new to this site but have been posting at GlockTalk for many years now. I went into my local gun store looking to purchase a G23 that was on sale. I was stalling a little and was trying to justify the purchase in my head. I really don't need one but I really want one. Anyway when I was there I saw they had a Steyr M40-A1 in the case. I thought it looked like "an alien creature's gun." I asked to look at it in an almost joking sort of way. When I got it in my hand I was shocked!! It has great ergonomics........then I thought "well the trigger can't be as good as a Glock" then I did a trigger test and realized that is was smoother than a glock and also reset the same way. I was blown away. Now I have been going crazy doing research on them since I know very little about this gun. Anyway here are a few questions..

Can I swap out a .40s&w and replace it with a .357sig like on Glocks and Sigs?
How is the durability....does anyone have a hogh round count in there gun?
Is it accurate?
Are the sights easy to get used to?
Are there any known problems with this gun?

Any other input would be great....I just want to get a dialogue going so that I can learn more about this crazy looking gun. Thank you for your time!! 8)

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yes you can swap barrels.
durability many thousands of rounds how high dont know
one member had M9 with 90,000rnds. 40sw/357sig probably wont take as much but dont know for sure. its a robust design though on tight side of things sometimes too tight as issues tend to creep up.

springs tight in the start can cause failure to battery it goes away.
erratic ejections not so much a 40sw/357sig problem.

I think the guns very accurate definately more accurate than me.
some people have shot theyre steyrs at 50-100 yards for fun to see if they can hit something and wind up suprised. not long ago I was shooting clays at 50 yards with my M9 and did good. but havent shot any for while and well if you dont use it you lose it sums it up for me.

sights 3dot is availible if you cant adapt.
focus on the front sight it should wind up being like a big dot with a precise point.

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Hotbossa: get it and you'll love it. The A1 series is still too new to have any weapons out there with huge round counts, but the earlier M & S series pistols are very dependable after a bit of a break-in period. I've been a shooter for 40 years, and the first time I picked up a Steyr M my reaction was the same as yours. I eventually got my S9, and I wouldn't part with it for just about anything.


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Thanks for the input. Can I Dry Fire this gun without worrying about breaking the firing pin? What is the warranty on this weapon....the Steyr wesite is almost as bad as the Glock website!

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Dry fire in the Steyr is not a problem.
As for warranty, officially it's a year. Steyr has warranted older N series pistols at no charge even replacing ones that could not be repaired.

Steyr is attempting to make major inroads into the US market and is doing anything it takes to make customers happy.

Warranty concerns are not an issue at this point.

factory support is excellent, the problem now is aftermarket. I would love to get a Wolff extra power recoil spring and a Safariland duty holster for the A1
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