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    Finally got to hold the new M A1 I love the feel of the new A1 It looks better and smaller then the M. I havn’t read specs.
    Now I just cant make up my mind on Caliber. None of the shops in the area have them to rent I am not able to shoot them. I am used to a 40 but I do tend to anticipate recoil.
    I like the Idea of a larger caliber since the 40 and 9 are the same size.

    What are your thoughts?
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    9 is cheaper and softer, in modern expanding ammo the wound channell difference is miniscule.
    I love my M40, but all my future autos will probably be 9 (except maybe a .45 1911).

    the M40 though can be converted to .357 w/ just a barell, or 9mm w/ a mag and barell.

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    I saw the conversion kit on Steyrs website but I was unable to find anyone who sold them.

    If I could find the kit for the right price that would be perfect.
    I saw that someone had posted a while back that the conversion was very expensive if anyone reading this post knows any thing about this please respond.
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    A1 Caliber Choice

    One determining factor that you can use is how often/much you like to shoot. I try to get to the range every couple of weeks, so having a 9mm is really far more affordable to shoot regularly, at approx $11 for box of 100 decent quality 9mm, hard to beat; and as FlaChef indicated with modern ammo, 9mm performs fine; there is some really hot/high performance 9mm ammo readily available. Also, accuracy and shot placement is way more important then calibre, so a 9mm that can be utilized effectively is fine on that count as well. Also, even though the 40S&W cal has been around a long time, the 9mm has been around a lot longer and the average gun shop usually has a wider variety of 9mm ammo. And finally, I have an A1 in 9mm and can confidently say it is just a great gun in 9mm, probably equally good in 40, but can not comfirm, am sure though that anyone would be real happy with the nine, it shoots great, you can check out my range report that I previously posted elsewhere here on the Steyr Club site. So, those are my thoughts for what they are worth. Feel free to ask if any other questions about the A1, be glad to help if I can.
  5. BORN A .40 CALIBER?

    The M-series was designed for the .40 caliber and as the A1 is the next generation Steyr Design than logic would dictate that it was also designed for .40 caliber and than adapted over to 9mm and .357. In contrast the Glock was designed specificaly for the 9mm and than later adapted to other rounds.

    Also while 9mm rounds may have advanced to the point where the differences are only subtle in lethality keep in mind that there still are differences and that they will be more pronounced when you compare your standard .40 caliber rounds to 9mm. Money may be a concern, but should cost be your primary concern and is the price difference between 9mm and .40 caliber ammunition so great as to justify a step down in caliber?

    As far as recoil goes my M40 has such a slight recoil that many have compared it to that of your standard 9mm recoil from other pistols. My elderly father was blown away by the limited recoil of the Steyr M40 and even though he is poor health shot the thing like a pro.
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    I just held an M9A1 and all I can say is blah. When I first picked up an M9 it just felt like it belonged in my hand. I liken an M9 to a good fitting glove while the M9A1 was like a mitten. I am glad I have an M9 rather than the M9A1. Now if I can just get "all the bugs worked out" of the M9.

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    Bugs in the M9? I just got one to shoot the cheaper ammo and it has become my favorite 9mm. Well, except for a suped up browning...... but I wouldn't carry that one. If 9mm is so good why are all the police dumping them for the 40?? That is another controversy that rages on.
    ......small or big?? "knock down" power?? Between myth and reality...and why has the SAS carried the Browning 9mm all these decades?????
    I think the conversion kit is a good idea if you don't want to buy both.......practice with the nine and carry the 40.........My new carry weapon is the M40....I also carry a Glock 30 with modified G21 mag backup......I didn't like the Glock 23........the Steyr M40 is slightly larger, but sooo much nicer to shoot....O hell, buy them both !!!!!!!
    From the pictures, I think I like the older M's better........
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    on conversions...
    the slide is the same external dimensions from 9 to 40/357, however where the barell sits is corresponingly bigger for the .40/.357.

    Stock barells cannot be changed, but IGB makes what i believe muct be an extra thick walled barell in 9mm to wirk in a .49/.357 gun.

    the factory conversion is basicly a new slide and new factory barell. so yes it is expensive.
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    That's funny, I own an M40 and the M40A1. I think the A1 looks bigger to the eye. I had to lay them one over the other in order to assure myself that they are the same size and that the bore axis has remained the same.

    Guess there's different "optical illusions" for different folks.
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    Got a fast response from Steyr Arms

    STEYR PISTOL conversion kits are availabe, which can be ordered from us at $278.00 plus shipping charges.

    We thank you for your interest in STEYR products, and if we can be of any additional service to you, please contact us at any time.

    P.O. Box 2609
    Cumming, GA 30028


    Tel.: (770) 888-4201

    Fax: (770) 888-4863
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    better start collecting and be used to them!... get both the M and the A1, the 9s and the 40s! If those are readily available here at that price... I could have gotten an M9 and S9 at the same time.... those are a bargain!

    Those pioneers know how much it cost me!