I want one of these..

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by FlaChef, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Just Wow. I forwarded this to a bunch of co-workers responsible for putting gatling guns on unmanned surface vehicles for the Navy... Of course, they probably already knew about this...

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    It would be cool, if it worked.

    But "virtually silent"?
    Have you ever been anywhere near a centrifuge?

    Ever heard of "conservation of momentum"?
    (Yes, releasing something from a spinning "holder" doesn't generate recoil. But since the thing shall only shoot in one direction, not all at once, there'll be an unbalanced load in the centrifuge, creating a force that will feel exactly like a "real" recoil.)

    "The operating mechanism simply doesn't allow for stoppages or jams to occur".
    Ugh. No comment, except: BS!

    "Heatless and frictionless"
    This one actually hurts.
    So this thing is in a vacuum, using magnetic bearings, and has a magic motor that doesn't create waste heat, despite running at many 1000 rpm?

    "projectile velocity can be adjusted instantly back and forth between lethal and less-lethal/non-lethal modes"
    Uh, have you ever heard of the word "inertia"?
    You know, that thing that means you can't just change speeds instantly.

    And don't forget, DefRev also reported the Stavatti Laser Rifle as genuine...
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    Uh-huh...... sure......

    This thing is as real as the Death Star from Star wars.
    And Al Gore invented the internet......
    Nice try..... :wink:
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    I'll take the phase plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range...
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    I never said I expected it to work, but next time I'm stuck on I4 it would be neat to have pop up form my sunroof.
    Or i could just break down and buy the spyhunter car :lol:
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    Re: Uh-huh...... sure......

    8O What are you sayin?

    I though Al Gore headed up the engineering team that built the Death Star.

    At least that's what I read on the internet...

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    That's where he's been for the past four years..... the Death Star.