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I think this fits under Tweaks...

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I need advice on mounting a Picatiny 6" rail under the fore grip of my Bullpup.

For the rail, I'm going with this;

or the 4" version; (Probably this)

And for the grip, I'm thinking of this; ... ag44-s.htm

or this; (Folding) ... g-grip.htm

What do you guys think?
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go w/ the longer rail and non-foding foregrip IMHO
Actually I wen't with this;

The local gunshop is doing the forerail, but I'm sendign it to KKF for about $430 worth of mods, when I get it back, it will look like this, but with a Red Dot instead of the Holo sight, and a Bipod on the formost part of the fore rail, folding to point the same direction of the barrel;

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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