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I stippled my Steyr M40 - pics

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Been wanting to do something to enhance the grip of one of my favorite pistols for awhile. I tried the skateboard tape and the tactical bike tube and they worked okay but there were minor issues with those methods. I recently saw a stippling thread on Glocktalk that inspired me. The OP even made a youtube video on his technique. If anyone is interested I'll see if I can dig it up and post a link. It's really quite simple and fast. I spent way more time putting the aluminum muffler repair tape on to protect against unwanted stray marks and to serve as a template (my idea). The actual stippling took only 30-45 minutes total for the front and back. (I did practice for about 15 min on some scrap plastic first)

If the grip looks a little short- I did chop the M40 to S40 length a couple years ago. I originally wanted to copy the texture contours of the S&W M&P but that would mean slicing thru the Steyr logo which I did not want to do. So I modified that on the front half. The actual texture is rough but not to much. Maybe like a Walther PPQ?

I used a coffee can as a guide to cut a constant radius on the tape with a razor knife before applying

details of the texture

I think less is better than too much- do you really need texture all the way up to the slide? it's fun to do but don't get carried away (I might do the front of the mag base to match though)
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that looks fantastic, and i love the chopped grip :thumbsup: if you can find the youtube video, id love to see that.
Niiice looks good
here's the thread, 4 pages long, be sure to read post #84

and this is the video, not great quality but you get the idea. I really disliked the pock marked lunar crater look I've seen on some pistols. this method totally eliminates that.

I found it takes much less time than Genin claimed in his original thread once you start tapping with the soldering iron. Just remember to keep rotating the target to generate random marks.

The following stipple job doesn't actually exist. I photoshopped (MS Paint program) more stippling onto the picture of what I had really already done above to the area around the Steyr logo and down to the bottom to see if it might look a little better. This is more like the pattern on the Smith M&P pistol. Opinions?
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Looks great!
I love the choice in design. Not too much, but just right.
i think i'm going to have to try this out on one of mine, i've been interested in this since JulioShinobi did that one for Narsil!
and since i plan to chop the grip of an L-A1 when they get here, i might just practice that as well...

as far as the photo shopped version, i think i like that one better! I say go for it, and do the mag baseplate to match
I am never ceased to be amazed by the ingenuity of a person and his desires. Well done.
I just came across this youtube stippling instructional video. It might be the same guy as above but this time his video is much better and of better quality. Same technique that I used but he taps the iron faster than I did and seems to get a less aggressive texture. The Steyr grip is a little softer and burned faster than the material I practiced on. I guess that might vary from gun to gun. IMHO this produces the nicest texture pattern that I've seen on a polymer stipple.
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