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    Hello everyone. I just got back from the range with my new M9A1. I have been thinking about getting my first pistol for a few months now and after extensive research I decided on the m9. I have to say, I absolutly love it. I went through 200rnds of WWB a few hours ago without a single problem. For being a very inexperience shooter, my aim wasn't half bad. The sights are great. The only issue (kind of) is that two of the three mags i got had the short old springs, so I called customer support and Jeff is sending me replacements today. One was all I needed for a nice day on the range though. I've read hundreds of threads on this forum over the past few months and its nice to finally be in one. Nice to meet everyone!
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    Welcome to SteyrClub!!!

    We're glad to have you aboard.

    Sounds like you had a great trip to the range!

    As you already know, Jeff at SAI is gonna take good care of you.

    Careful, the Steyr M series pistols are quite addicting!!!

    :stupid: :stupid:

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    Welcome aboard. My new M9-A1 was the most popular pistol at a family and friends shooting outing I had last weekend, even more popular than my M357-A1.

    Glad to hear a good report on your first outing. Keep on shooting and having fun with it. :mrgreen: