I love going out to the desert to shoot.....

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by hihoslva, Mar 26, 2005.

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    Not only do I get to shoot stuff that many ranges won't allow (water jugs, fruit, cans, plastic bottles, etc.), but today, I was able to double-fist, rapid-fire shoot with my M9 in my right hand and the S9 in my left.

    20 rounds in about 6 seconds feels awfully good! And I was reasonably accurate at about 15-20 ft into a paper sillouette target. That paper fugger is definitely dead.......

    I forgot to try the Denzel Washington grip from "Training Day"; right hand normal, left hand "homey" style. Maybe next time.....

    Also shot a golf ball today - DEAD center from about 35 ft with a .45 fmj. You'd be surprised how LITTLE damage there was. I hit a second golf ball with a 9mm target round, too; neither one even penetrated at all. The impacts marks are there, along with some damage to the covers. The .45 made a crack in the cover, but that's about it. I certainly expected more damage, especially from the .45. Always interesting.
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    Make sure you rub both guns together, chef-style (no offense, FlaChef), before you point them! :lol:

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    Golf balls are fun reactive targets to shoot. One time we were out in the desert and we had a "long drive" contest. That was pretty fun.