I just received my new Steyr C9-A1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Metal Bird, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Metal Bird

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    I am happy I finally acquired myself a new C9-A1 handgun the other day.
    Ordered it in from Dave at CompactFirearms.com along with two additional 17rd mags. Instead of the listed 3 Dot sights it came with the Trap sights installed which I was pleased to see. I am liking them.
    Also it has a Born On date of October 2012 so it is pretty fresh.
    I have only shot 10 rounds from it in the back yard but it is comfortable and handles nice.
    Attached should be a pic of it with my Caracal C. I need more hands on to fully compare.

  2. jhb

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    Congrats. It is a nice pistol. When I ordered mine I asked for the trap sights. No regrets there for me either. Course I never cared much which sights are on a gun. I adapt quickly.

    Wish I could shoot in my backyard. If I did id have the swat team, helicopters, and sherriffs armored tank roll down on me. Its gotten so bad round here they'll roll out the c.c.i.b. swat team over shooting a bb gun at soda cans.