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I have Strayed, but don't tell my Steyr!

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Big gunshow today, so I was on a mission. Going to get my CCW in a couple weeks and needed a carry piece. KelTec P-11 it is. Got it for $219 out the door, I think we are going to be fast friends. It could have been a bad day for my wallet, if there had been any S9's there I would have picked one of those up too for the right price.
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What a dirty traitor! Besides, we wont believe you without pics and a range report!
Not much need for pics, there's several thousand out there on the net, and there's nothing special about mine. The right tool for the right job I say. I'm 10 times more likely to actually carry the P11.
Boy....I've strayed from my Steyrs many times over. My current off-duty carry guns are Kahrs (two 9mm's and the new .45 ACP) since they are more concealable given my body frame.

I'z still got mad love for my Steyrs!
I love my M9, but I still carry my P11 most of the time.

The P11 is not nearly as nice of a gun, not as accurate, not as comfortable, not as fun to shoot and the fit and finish are what you'd expect from a very cheap gun, but they really are pretty ideal for their intended purpose. I carry mine with the optional belt-clip, though I'm going to pick up an Uncle Mikes model# 89011 to protect the finish a bit.

Mine has been extremely reliable, but the warranty service, should you need it, is probably the best in the industry. For a ton of good info on this gun you should check out KTOG.

PS - if you didn't get them with it, you will definitely want to pick up the pinky extension for the magazine(s) and hogue grip-sleeve. They will vastly improve the handling of that gun.
Thanks Mark,

That's pretty much what I picked up on the KelTec Forums. Everything I read there is what convinced me to go with the P-11 for everyday carry. I like the fact that it's cheap and not too pretty, that way I won't feel bad if it get's not really abused, but worn from a lot of handling. Hell, at that price I can afford a few of them to just stash around.

Off topic, If I fly somewhere on a private plane and take my gun, can I legally mail it back to myself if I take a commercial flight home? Maybe even mail the slide and frame seperately for added safety?
That'll probably depend on your state and perhaps the state you are leaving from. Also, I'm not sure about postal policy on this, you may need to ship ground via fed-ex, ups or dhl.

I know in NY you can not ship a firearm to anyone but an FFL. I could mail out (or in) any part of my P11 except for the frame, which is considered the firearm. So if I needed to ship out my barrel or slide or grip for some reason, no problem, but not the frame.
Why ship your gun back? You can check it in your luggage on commercial flights. It will have to be unloaded of course, and in a lockable case, and you must declare it to the ticket agent upon check-in. They'll take you and your bag around back where TSA will inspect it, then they'll lock it back up and hand you back the key and you're good to go. Not all airlines' rules are exactly the same so look it up on their website ahead of time. And print out their rules and carry them with you in case you get an airline agent who has no idea what the rules are.

Coming back from Turkey Day at my mom's house I had some ammo in my checked luggage (no firearms) because I scored some cheap at an after-T-Day sale. The airline rules (Frontier) did not specifically say you have to declare ammo, but I did to be on the safe side. The guy checking me in wasn't sure of the exact procedure so he called the supervisor lady over. She asked, how much ammo does he have? Guy tells her 100 rounds. (It was a few boxes of Fed Hydra Shocks I bought on sale) She says that's way too much! I was like, huh? There's no round limit in your rules or TSA's rules, and I showed her the rules in print. She misunderstood and thought I had 100 pounds of ammo, not 100 rounds. :roll: ](*,) That was funny.
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Strangely enough I would feel safer shiping my piece back than going through the hassle of declaring it, then having a big "steal me" tag put on it, and turning it over to the baggage monkeys.
It is much more of a hassle to ship it than to declare it on a commercial flight. Way to many details to post here but condensed version is:

You cannot send a firearm to yourself from another state. It has to go to an FFL.

You cannot send a firearm through the USPS

Fedex, UPS and DSL will only take them if they are declared, sent to an FFL, and sent overnight air ($30)

I fly with firearms regularly and it is a minimal hassle. Go to for a good summary of the rules.

BTW - No tags on the outside of the bag indicating there is a firearm inside according to TSA regs.
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Fly with them for sure

Haven't been here for a while, hope everyone is well.

What IDPASteyr said. I've traveled to visit the inlaws in AZ and to a few matches around the country with guns. It is really easy and like IDPASteyr said the law is there are no markings indicating a gun, the TSA tags are inside your locked case. I put my pistol cases inside of another piece of luggage with TSA-approved locks and it only adds about 2 minutes to the check-in process.

Other passengers will look at you funny when you are at the counter because you have to open the case to show the guns to the check-in agent to show they are empty (at least with Southwest Airlines). Another important tip with Southwest Airlines is that the ammo must be carried in boxes designed to transport ammo - like original factory packaging or plastic ammo boxes. Ammo cannot be stored loose. I was in AZ and bought a bunch of Sellier & Bellot at J&G for a song and didn't shoot it all. What was left of a case I put into a heavy-duty Ziploc and had to "donate" it to the airlines when they inspected it. The rest of the ammo that was boxed was just fine.

Separately, I too have strayed from my Steyrs. I got really into IDPA and IPSC gaming and broke down and bought a Glock 34 (5.5 inch 9mm with extended mag release and safety). Interestingly, it has taken me much longer than expected to adapt to the Glock. It really feels like it has a significantly more muzzle flip compared to the M9 and at first my pairs were wild. It feels like the slide mass is twice as great as the Steyr and takes twice as long to cycle. I find I really have to be locked out to get consistently close pairs as fast as with the Steyr. At longer ranges (20 yards +) however, there is no comparison as the longer sight radius and Dawson Fiber Optic Front/Blank Adjustable Rear sights make the Glock 34 super-accurate. A $50 trigger job still isn't as good as the Steyr, although it is lighter.

In summary, I think for up close and personal ultra-fast shooting, the Steyr design (ultra-low bore axis, short slide and steeper grip angle) is nearly impossible to beat. An M9 and S9 will still be my carry guns. I'm looking for some night sights, however.


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WorldPax said:
Big gunshow today, so I was on a mission. Going to get my CCW in a couple weeks and needed a carry piece. KelTec P-11 it is. Got it for $219 out the door, I think we are going to be fast friends. It could have been a bad day for my wallet, if there had been any S9's there I would have picked one of those up too for the right price.
Keltec P11 is a good CCW, Reliable, lihgt weight and accurate for short range.
wow old thread

oh well
good luck learning to shoot that kel-tec its got a bear of a trigger.
I dont like how thin the trigger is. S&W Sigma nas a nicer trigger honestly.
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