I have good news and bad news

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 21, 2006.

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    I was at the NRA Annual Meeting this weekend with my wife. I did a search but didn't see anyone else post about this.

    The good news is that the Steyr Reps said that they are coming out with a S40-A1 in September. They are only bringing in 80 units to start with and then several thousand after that. I got to handle it and must say I was pretty impressed.

    The bad news is that only about 10% of their booth was dedicated to their pistol line!! You had to squeeze behind some chairs just to handle them. They need to get their pistols to the front of the display so that people can easily handle them if they want to.
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    This is good for collectors- "...rarity precludes pricing...".

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    Ya if you can get one of the first 80 that would be really sweet!
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    I came across something on the net sometime ago about a Steyr L series of pistoles. Any word on this happening?
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    Well, I’ll take a shot at this . . .

    Rumors have been out for some time that Steyr was working on a larger-framed handgun (to handle the .45 ACP). Logically, then, this new pistol might be considered the model L (“large”) pistol, since we already have a model M (“medium”) pistol.

    So far as I know, though, I don’t think anyone’s ever heard anything official from Steyr about this. So, I suspect that it’s nothing more than internet gossip - or perhaps just wishful thinking from the many Steyr fans who also love the classic old .45 round.

    If anyone’s heard otherwise, please let us all know.
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    When the M was first introduced at SHOT I got the chance to speak with Willie Bubbits. he indicated that an L was planned and was being kicked around. One idea was to have a 45 using 1911 magazines. It never happened and probably never will, at leat in that configuration.
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    I didn't know that was a possibility otherwise I would have asked the reps at the booth.