I have duty gear for the A1

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by madecov, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Took my Safariland 6280 and removed the tension screw, the A1 will fit the holster this way but is very very tight. It is so tight you can't draw the gun.

    Sooooo, I took my heat gun and heated up te holster since it is mostly made of Kydex. This softened it a bit. I then inserted the A1 into the holster as hard as I could while wrapped in a plastic bag. This stretched the holster just enough to allow the A1 to draw.

    If I decide to use the holster for the M I can reinstall the tension screw.

    The tension screw has a hard plastic roller that goes through the holster, for the A1 it hits the front edge of the accesory rail preventing the gun from fully seating. I think the rail was also rubbing on the sides of the holster and that's where it needed to be lossened a bit.

    Anyway, it works now so I'm pretty pleased
  2. What is that saying "necessity is the mother of invention?" :D

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    That's how I always said it to my Marines.