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Somehow there is a Sig in my closet right now. A sig mosquito that is.

Or as my wife has officially dubbed it my "silly little green gun".

I bought it at a gunshow NIB and have now completely depleted both of our allowance funds (we each get a set amount per week for fun money). So technicaly it is 1/3 her gun and I will now not be getting anything on christmas morn.

We really were looking for grips for her S&W M19 (or I was going to order some for her as an anniversary present if she didn't find ones she liked better than the ones I was gonna order). She did find some good grips too so we both got something.

But I saw a table w/ a bunch of skeeters at $360 (black) and $380 (green). Up untill this point the best price I had seen was $340 online so after shipping and transfer it would have been more (On Point is now advertising them for $328+ shipping here in our forums). I was $411 OTD w/ tax and call-in and a little teasing for wanting the green one (to be fair it's not the coolest shade of green and is a little lighter than the XD or Walther green).

I've been wanting either a P22 or a Mosquito as a fun plinker and trainer (.22's are great for teaching friends and new people to shoot). This show was the first time I could compare them side by side, the Mosquito is definitely bigger and heftier and not as toy like, my wife said if i get one to get the Mosquito instead of the P22 and she'd chip in my christmas money.

I know the Browning, or Ruger is actually a better .22 for a target pistol and much more proven, but the ones that look like their older brothers are just cooler :oops: 8)

I guess my 1911 project has been seriously postponed.

I'll do an actual range report later this evening, I gotta take pics and get them hosted and all that stuff when I get back home.

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Yea, sure.....................fortunately your mate understands ya never have enough guns !!!!!!!!!!! or bullets :lol:

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Yes, as well as a key lock out and magazine disconnect.

Came /w gun, one magazine,case, cable lock, test target, bottle of SIG oil, two extra front sights of different heights,manual, key, extra spring, and a little card explaining what the extra spring is for. The european models are supposed to come w/ two mags, but it says american shipped guns only come w/ one.

Controls are all typical SIG, except for the ambidexterous safety (same placement and operation as a bereatta, up is fire down is safe). I can actually get all three of my fat sausage fingers on the grip (can't even do that w/ my S unless I have a mag in it). Key lock is at the base of the grip and is just a little bar that turns lateraly.

Acessory rail is integral.

Dissassembly is basicly like a P22 as it has a fixed barrel. The slide goes back an extra 1/2" once the take down lever is turned and then tilts up and you pull forward. On reassembly you have to actually pull the hammer back a touch beyond it's normal cocked position or the slide won't seat right.

Factory lube is COPIOUS and even now three days later and after cleaning before firing is still oozing out around the decocker, front dust cover, and trigger.

Barell length is 101mm (3.9inches). In the manual there is a "sport" version that I've never heard mentioned anywhere w/ a listed 126mm (4.9inches) barrel.

Trigger reach is pretty darn short and I can't imagine it being a problem for anyone.

DA is HORRIBLE, it's listed as 5.5kg (12lb) and is not the littlest bit of smooth w/ pretty big time stacking. I fired one shot DA and that will be it for as long as I have it!!! Seriously it makes a stock ruger revolver seem like a 1911. And since it is only a range plinker it's not like I need to cary it decocked.

SA has about 3 feet of take up, but you can very easily feel when the slack is gone and your hovering at the breakpoint. The break is about a pleasant gnat's breath long and 1.8 kg (3.9lb) w/out a hint of overtravel.

Sights are three dot w/ some pretty small neonish/semi-reflective yellow dots (which would probably be better on the black gun, but the sights on the green frame are green so contrast w/ the yellow dots is not great). As mentioned there are three different front sight heights and the rears have an adjustment screw for windage.

Do I even need to talk about recoil in a .22, let alone one this hefty? (650 grams=22oz)

Accuracy was a touch disappointing, even though I was not expecting it to be a match bullseye gun. Even SA from the bench at 15 yards I was getting 6-8" ten shot groups but I suspect w/ a little practice (and maybe higher quality ammo) and getting the sights down better I could cut this in half. Factory test target (which I presume was from a ransom rest) measures a 5 shot group at 15 meters w/ a spread just over 1.5 inches.

While this may not sound bad, when firing freehand at 8 yards I was not getting good groups at all, at least not what i would get w/ my steyrs. I know some of this is me getting used to it but the steyrs do better than that even with new shooters. I believe a gun that has more inherit accuracy will make even a medicore shooter better .

It did though group better than a P22 another shooter also had at the range (for both of us and he's used to the P22) and I have seen targets of guys holding 1-2" groups at 25 yards w/ those P22's (or so the pics claimed).

I fired 70 rounds of CCI MINI MAGS, 100-150 rounds Federal bulk pack (550 rounds for $9, gotta love that), about 15 rounds of CCI STINGERS that another guy at the range w/ his P22 let me put through it, and 2 rounds of some wierd powderless (said it was primer only, but how can that be in a rimfire) subsonic stuff.

I had 7 or 8 failures to feed w/ the federal and mini mags and one failure to extract. I think the feedramp could use polishing, but I will wait untill it's more broken in.

With the Stingers I had 4 in just those fifteen rounds, but I had in the stock spring and the extra spring (thought I was never going to mention that didn't you) is specificly for the super high velocity stuff like the stingers.

The wierd subsonic stuff didn't even cycle it, supposedly it won't cycle any automatic.

The slide did not lock back on the last round at least 2/3 of the time, but I suspect now that my aforementioned sausage fingers (thumb actualy) were touching the slide release. Though even when I ejected the empty mag and manualy locked the slide back it would unlock as I set it down if I did not push up on the lever very firmly. It would also unlock the slide when I inserted a loaded mag (which is a feature I love about some guns, like my Steyrs).

Overall I am happy w/ it for a plinking .22. I do believe it has some serious advatages to the P22, but I would be a whole lot happier if the price gap wasn't so large and I guess time will tell if the extra $ was worth it.

I am a bit bothered by the feeding issues, but will give it time and if it doesn't go away will polish some areas or just send it back to sig. I'll also keep my eyes out for any Sig recalls or free upgrades as the Mosquitos are still new.

Pics to come, sorry about the extra day late on range report, but was trying to get pics done. Oh well I'll do them this week sometime.

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Oh yeah...
slide to frame lock up is quite tight, not extremely but well above most guns.

when the slide is removed the "fixed" barrel does have some up and down movement (maybe reason for so-so accuracy?).

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FlaChef: don't feel to "bad" about your purchase; I won an auction on Auction Arms for a sigpro 2340 in .357 SIG.

Sheesh...that makes it an HK P7, Kahr P45 and now the sigpro as recent purchases (within the past 1.5 months).......

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took the mosquito to the range again...

30 rounds CCI mini mags no problems. all shots high, freehand and from the rest.

Put on the taller sight (which is not green like the ones that came on it) and groups are hitting centered.

another 110 rounds federal bulk pak;
4 failures to feed (seems like the rim is binding in the magazine.
7 Failures to extract, 2 were stovepipes, the rest jus never left the chamber AT ALL.
6 Failures for slide to lock back on last round (was very concious of thumb hitting release).

that's 17 various failures in 140 rounds.

not sure if the mini mags are actually better or if it was just because it was the first 3 mags.

have read the skeeter prefers the remington bulf pak stuff over the federal bulk, when I finish off this brick I will get some remingtons, and fire some mini mags after gun has warmed up to see if it needs to go back to sig.

accuracy SEEMED better, but could be my imagination.

after shooting a .22 for an hour going back to .40 feels like I'm shooting a hand cannon!!

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Hey Chef,

How is that mosquito working out for you? I am thinking about picking one up and wanted to know if it has broken in nicely or of you are still experiencing problems. I read that they require higher end HV ammo and not the bargain stuff to work as they should. Any thoughts?


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feed and ejection have gotten quite a bit better.

100% w/ the cci mini-mags.
90% or better w/ the remington bulk pak
70% or so w/ the federal bulk

I've gotten in the habit of putting a few drops of the supplied Sig oil on the rails just as I'm pulling it out to shoot it. Don't know if it is that or just breaking in.

Slide not lacking back is still about 1 in 5 mags though.

Self loosening screws seem to be fairly common problem, lot of reports of people having to loc-tite the screws that hold the barell, the safety, and grip screws. I have to give one of the two barell screws a twist w/ the pocket knife every 4-5 mags.

Still might send it back to Sig, from what I read they make it right and have good service.

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after winning a Ruger MkIII 22/45 at a tournament I decided I really didn't need two .22's So the mosquito got transformed into a S&W 638-3 airweight J frame for pocket carry.

Nothing against the skeeter, just would rather keep the .22 I won and sell the one I bought.
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