Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

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  1. To the Steyr Brotherhood,

    While I am safely in the midwest it has been impossible to not notice the devastation displayed by the violent Hurricane Katrina along out nation's Gulf Coast. Since, our membership here at Steyr Club is now over 600 members strong I have no doubt that many of our members have been effected by the devastation. I would like to offer this thread within the Pub section as place to discuss all aspects of the Hurricane and subsequent relief efforts.

    As this is a forum that relates to firearms I thought it was interesting and horrific to watch the criminal acts carried on in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Local, State, and Federal Government's inability to maintain law and order. If there has ever been a case that supports the citizens right and NEED to bear arms this is defintely it. I for one am glad that I have not only my Steyr M40, but also my Rock River Arms/Stag Mforgery build .223 carbine. I am seriously concerned that a multiple 9/11 style attack throughout this nation would be more than our government would be capable of dealing with. Just food for thought.

    Safe Shooting and Please contribute your thoughts and information that the media may not be making available.

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    Let's just say those who were pre disposed to commit crimes in NO are also comitting them in Houston :roll:
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    If there are any or our Club members, who are in need and still have access to the web, please let us know. We are close enough to offer aid if needed. Our prayers are with you and your families.
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    Well I cant do much, but Im donating 10% of my proceeds this month to Hurricane Katrina/Red Cross. I should have a letter on my website up by monday. Good post..........
    Shoot well and god bless.
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    No offense but "looks like God is sitting this one out"

    yeah yeah and i quote..
    Punisher 2004 Marvel inc.
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    The infuriating thing about this tragedy is that that we ignored the predictions of so many experts, and then we underfunded the efforts to strengthen those levees. Do we have the resources and training to respond to a really catastrophic West Coast earthquake/tsunami scenario?-- it is going to happen sooner or later. Likewise, many of our Western states have been almost overwhelmed by catastrophic wildfires, which are bound to increase with the continuing droughts there.Multiple acts of sabotage would be much harder to predict and prevent, and would overwhelm our current ability to respond quickly. Are we, as a nation, willing to spend the money it would take to be truly prepared? The cost of restoring New Orleans will be borne by all of us, and it makes those levee upgrades look like a bargain.
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  10. I find it difficult to stomach that Hurrican Katrina has lead to unfounded accusations of racial discrimination when the entire coast consisted of many of various color and enthic heritage who were also left to fend for themselves for days.

    I also find it hard to stomach that many of the criminals will go without justice until they stand before God for the horrible acts they committed. If the criminals thought that New Orleans was hell they are in for a huge shock. I have heard of at least one police officer and one national gaurdsman that were killed during the chaos and am certain that the acts of these horrible excuses for human beings hampered relief efforts causing untold hundreds, if not thousands, to die.

    I sincerly hope that there have been serious efforts to find out who committed criminals acts and that the full weight of the law will be used to prosecute those individuals if only to give peace to the family members of those who lost their lives.

    Safe Shooting, and God Bless the United States of America.
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    Re: Blackwater

    Someone sent that to me. Guess they are running security ops in New Orleans.