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    My first time here....I've been considering adding an S9 as a second carry gun/car gun to back up my HK P7. From what y'all say, perhaps the HK will end up backing up the S9! Its been a long while since I've owned a Steyr (had an AUG back in the 90s, but a bout of poverty forced its very unfortunate sale.) The S9s and M9s I've handled seem to be of great quality, and I like the S9 size and balance. Feels a bit like my trusty HK. Still, I haven't had the opportunity to fire one, so I figured I'd turn to the internet for some advice. Does anyone here use the S9 as a carry gun? Is it as concealable as it seems to be? And can anyone lead me to a deal on an S9? (Used or new, so long as its in good shape when I get safe queens in my life!) I feel like I saw them around $300 last time I was at a gun show, but that was a while ago, and now they're closer to $400 on gunsamerica....Again, howdy and I look foward to reading more from y'all.
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    What state are you in? My M9 is actually the largest gun in my collection, but definitely not the heaviest. I occasionally carry it, but I typically take out my USPc. Great guns, but for me it takes a second or so longer to acquire a target.

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    I carry my S9 as my primary defence piece. It conceals OK in a OWB holster under a sport shirt. Whatever litle bulge may show is easily attributable to a cell phone. It sorta conceals in a cargo pocket in my camo shorts, as in I have done it but prefer a .38 snubbie for that application. I paid $350 for it at the Amarillo Gun Show in Spring '05- LNIB with 3 magazines in the priginal case. It's a sweet piece and I can recommend it without reservation. Functioning has been flawless from the 1st round (4-500 rds fired). You will be glad you got one long after you quit thinking what you paid for it. Anyhow, it's lots cheaper than a Glock and not ugly as a mud fence.
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    I've got a S9 and a S40. I carry the S40 most of the time but have been known to carry the S9. I modified some S40 mags so that I could carry 12+1 rds of 9mm. It's kinda nice to know you have that many rds at your disposal in such a small package, but I mainly use the 9mm for cheaper practice. I've never had any problems carrying the Steyrs even the lager M40 that I had. The round edges make it pretty comfortable, but I do think it could stand to be a little thinner, but it's livable.
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    :wink: You guys down there are just lucky of being able to get the Steyr at a cheaper price than a Glock. Here in Manila... Steyr is a bit more expensive but its just worth it! It is cheaper to use, as it is not finicky when it comes to ammo though there are some but very few ammos where I had some issues with my Steyr like using a $0.0083 cents/pc sale ammos! :wink:
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    Thanks for the input! I'll be checking out what the local shops have under the counter in the next few days...sounds like the S9 would make a nice second piece.