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step one...
register to shoot in the Poly Pro Challenge I (also make sure you can get that day off of work).

step two...
So that you can qualify in the Compact (under 4" barrel) division and not sporter you will need three S mags (fullsize mags sticking out of gun puts you in sporter). If you only have one S9 mag contact board member Ripped to sell you two S40 mags that you can beat into hi-cap S9 mags

Step three...
beat on said mags w/ hammer untill they submit to being fed 9mm ammo.

Step four...
go put 100 rounds thru beaten mags to test and when one of them fails to lock the slide back borrow some calipers and bend feedlips back out by the very exact amount of a hairs breath. Also mark that mag and make sure it is your last mag in rotation so it doesn't matter anyway.

Step five...
shoot in tournament and do well (for me anyway)....

Step six...
gun giveaway is neither top prize nor random drawing. There are two gun giveaways and for each gun they draw five tickets and the best total time of those five tickets gets whichever gun they were in the running for.

Step seven...
pay the $5 background check and present your valid FL CWP to take new gun home and learn why everyone says that type of gun is a PITA to take down.

Total cost of free gun...
$40 registration
+ $50 two mags
+ $5 background check
+ $24 for 200 rounds of WWB to test new mag
- $70 range card for ten range sessions I got off the seperate door prize drawing
- $30 I'm going to sell the beaten up S40~S9 mag for (priority to the guy at the match who said he wanted it, otherwise I have another buyer lined up)

= free gun w/ MSRP of $307 (the $550 gun was a M&P 9mm w/o mag safety. I wouldn't have won it even if my number was drawn since two people who did get drawn had better times)

the range even provided a catered BBQ lunch.

The shooting....
bunch of IPSC and IDPA guys shooting six stages w/ bowling pins, texas star, and bianchi targets. Two of the stages were qualifiers they used to break people into classes (don't know which two). No cover required and no non-factory porting or optics allowed. Holsters and mag carriers in line w/ IPSC production class or IDPA.

Center two rings on bianchi tombstone target were down zero, then down one for outer ring, and down three for "c" zone (rest of target), misses were down five. The trick is each point down was one second not one half like IDPA.

my new toy....

Guns you don't have to pay for are COOL 8)

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You'll get the hang of it.

Congrats! That's great!

I've got a Mark II with the 8" barrel I've had for about 25 years. Great little shooter - and you'll get the hang of take-down/re-assembly eventually. Or so they tell me. :roll:

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