How to stop ejecting into face?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 22, 2005.

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    Both my M9 and my S9 have around 2500 rounds through them together and they still eject casings straight back. I have cleaned both guns' extractors multiple times and have noticed a difference right after I clean them, but they soon start doing it again. I can't complain because both guns have been flawless in all these thousands of rounds and function perfectly. The ejection doesn't bother me much if I'm wearing a hat, but it is embarassing when new shooters try them out get get a casing in the forehead repeatedly. Are there any known cures for this ejection? Do I need to order a new extractor and try it out? I'm going to continue enjoying my Steyr pistols, but fixing this problem would be great.
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    I think you hit the nail on the head (or forehead :wink: ) when you said that your only choice is to try a new extractor. This seems to be your only option if you have cleaned them and still see no change. First thing I would do is try new springs before swaping out the actual extractor though...

    Anyone else have ideas?


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    Try wearing a hockey mask :mrgreen:

    Honestly I wish I could help. I haven't had anyproblems with casings-on-the-head out of the the three Steyrs that I've owned.
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    try polishing out the chamber area so empty brass comes out a touch easier, then it may get thrown clear
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    no real probs

    I've had a few cases hit me in the noggin, but i'm not sure if those were direct hits or if they were rebounding off the lane divider walls at the range....i think the latter...never have fired it outside the range to find out....

    sorry i have no good advice to give on the subject....
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    Enjoy the fact that they actually eject.
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    lol +1... polishing helps alot.. i polished the piss out of my extractor when i did my s40 up.. havent had one fly in the eye since.
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    What section of the extractor did you polish?