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    Good morning all,

    I left a voicemail for Jeff about two and a half weeks ago as his colleague spoke to me and Jeff verbally confirmed with him to transfer me to his voicemail and leave a message about my inquiry. I was asking about getting a replacement extractor and the correct magazine springs for my M9 (one of the PW Arms imports which also has the shorter mag springs installed as well as two extras that I bought). I left my contact info and address, etc. but hadn't heard any confirmation that my request was honored or being fulfilled. I trust that Jeff is a stand-up guy from all of his positive feedback and reputation all over the Internet regarding Steyr USA and wouldn't doubt that Jeff would follow through. I guess what I'm asking is should I follow up with a call or would he be busy for some reason with all of the craze currently abounding with buying and stocking up on guns, mags, etc. with legislative wars being waged?

    I'm a patient person, but admit I'd like to use my M9 more if the extraction wasn't an issue (about every 3-5 rounds which is a nuisance) after only using it for about 50 rounds new out of the box. I just wanted to see what others have experienced with Jeff's response to their service/parts needs and whether I'm doing him a favor to remind him of my request, or if I'd be getting up his butt unnecessarily and to just take it easy for a little while longer. The reason I'm being apprehensive about bugging them is that I know now (after I purchased) that I don't have an "official" Steyr USA M9 so I don't want to get burned or denied help and be stranded looking for parts elsewhere or have to fork out money to get a new pistol functioning as it should. Thanks in advance for your thoughts everyone. Be safe!
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    I have talked to Jeff (I unknowingly bought 2 of the PW Arms Grey Market, fortunately I have had no trouble with both) and he said they would honor the warranty on them as the regular Steyr's. You might just give a call again (he probably is busy) and tell him you were just touching base since you had not heard back from him. I hope this helps.

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    I wouldn't trust things are being handled after leaving messages - I'd keep trying him until I finally got the man on the phone.
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    I think Jeff is a great guy but with the current 2nd Amendment threat all manufacterers have been swamped with orders. I don't think SAI was ready for such an avalanche and Jeff is doing the best he can. I waited about 2 months for some parts but that was preceeding the annual Shot-Show in Vegas so it's understandable. Also, you may get just as good or better results by just putting the 1911 plunger spring in. There may be some difference in the extractor ifself but I could not see the difference.