How much can you reduce the trigger pull weight on M9A1 and how?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by ZeroKelvin, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. ZeroKelvin

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    Being a wimp with small hands, both the weight and the grip size of the M9A1 as well as the short reset is great for me.

    But what kills me is the trigger pull weight of 25N, while it breaks clean my finger just struggles to produce the amount of force.

    Is it even technically possible to get it down to around 10N or would that cause insufficent spring tension on the striker?
  2. ETH77

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    Welcome to the SteyrClub!

    Some of us have played with reducing the striker spring weight, in my case it led to light primer strikes. Replacing the striker guide rod bushings helps some, and polishing up any place that the trigger bar touches the fire control support structure does as well. No insult intended, but if you get a racquet ball and start squeezing it for 20 minutes a couple of times a day, your forearm muscles will bulk up and you'll find the trigger much easier to pull. I had to do that in the past as the result of an injury.

    You may also find that lifting two 5 Kg weights at full arm extension will also help your targeting. Lift them from your sides to where your arms are straight out, then slowly return them to your sides (on both up and down count 15 seconds). Next raise your straight arms to the front level with the floor or ground, also using the 15 count. Do this to arm exhaustion (you can't lift it again). Within 2 weeks you won't have any problem with targeting and trigger pull. Move the weights slowly, very slowly both up and down.

  3. Kalakov222

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    Greetings, glad to have some experienced M9 owners guidance. My M9-A1 with Manual Safety (2004) trigger weight has increased over the years now just about 7 lbs.
    This thread is interesting although I may be too much of a novice to figure our how to do this without illustration video or pics. Can you direct me to such a source or advise with some more detail.