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How do I put the trigger (spring) back in?!

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I removed the rails/ trigger group from my M9-A1 to clean off factory grease and relube, I also removed the trigger (just the trigger nothing else) and after I put the gun together the trigger safety is always engaged (stays inside the trigger) D’OH! :oops:

how do I put the trigger back in properly? Where does the curved end of the spring (#20) go?

ps: I read the tutorial (after I took it apart) but it didin't really help :(
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i still can't figure out a good way to verbally explain it.

if you go to the disassembly/ reassembly tutorial, there is a pic right away with everything broken down.

the trigger safety spring is shown there in its correct orientation.

let's divide the spring into three parts. there's the circle in the middle, a basically straight leg, and a very bent leg.

the very bent leg goes into the trigger from above with the bent piece approximating the shape of the trigger.

the straight leg will ride underneath a cross-member in the sub-frame.

it is important that you slide the trigger in from rear to front so that this spring rides under the crossmember.

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I got it...

btw I took it apart and tried to put it together before I looked for instructions here... I was doing it right latter but the spring was bent slightly from me trying to install it wrong. After I took a good look at the photos I reshaped the spring to what it was before so it works now.

thanks guys :)

it looks like the trigger spring will be the first thing to be (eventually) replaced on the gun, any places to get extras?
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