How Did your State rate Hopefully D+ or Below...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Deluxe247, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Deluxe247

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    So what was your state's score?

  2. Shooter

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    Florida.........F+ can it get any better ????? :lol:

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    I've got my pistols in my pockets boys,
    I'm Alabama bound.
    Well, I'm not looking for no trouble,
    But nobody dogs me 'round.
  4. revjen45

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    I am looking for a job in aerospace which will probably involve relocating. My first source of info was the Brady Bunch website. I rated all the states based on the "grades" by the Bradys. Obviously anyplace with a "grade" above C was discounted and D or F at the top of the list. I find it interesting that states with stratospheric violence were well thought of while bastions of relative tranquility were excoriated. I m hoping to find a position in WA, NM, CO or a couple of other scorned states.
  5. ScottW

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    A while ago I was bored and complied an Excel sheet comparing various cities' ranking in murder rate per capita versus the permissiveness of their concealed carry laws. Murder rate data was from '03 or '04 (can't remember). Washington D.C. ranked #2 (no carry), Baltimore #3 (difficult to get permit), Oakland #6, Chicago #8, Milwaukee #11. Overall, major cities with no CCW rights had higher murder rates compared to CCW permissive cities, with an average rank of 23 versus 25.4. Not highly significant from a statistical standpoint, but it's definitely NOT in the direction the gun-grabbers would like us to believe.

    As for where I live, Seattle ranked way down at #40, and Washington state gets a D+ from the Brady group. Look at Vermont, they get a D- but have one of the lowest murder rates.

    Look up "irrelevant" in the dictionary and you'll see this:
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    washington D.C. and Chicago have unconstitutional gun bans.

    SanFrancisco officials want one too.
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    I hate to say it, but it is possible the availibility of ccw permits is not why violent crime is low.

    It maybe that pols and voters in places with high crime rates are more likely to give up gun rights in the hopes of safety. And the opposite that pols and voters are more likely to allow ccw in places with low violent crime rates.

    I work in DC...Live in Virginia...

    My 2 cents

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    Only a C- for VA. Bummer. Was hoping for a solid F. Got to keep working.
    I thought these knuckleheads pulled this when the inverse correlation between the Brady grades and per capita violence was pointed out some years ago.
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    Yeah, I live in MD, an A-state. I doubt I'll ever get a CCW permit, and we can't have magazines that contain more than 20 rounds... The wait for a handgun is 8-10 days... it's pretty lame. Maybe I'll move a few miles north up into PA.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my state, and the area I live in. I wouldn't move just solely because I have restrictive gun laws. However, if it got any more strict, I would definitely consider it.