How Comfortable Is Kydex for IWB Carry

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by jns4psu, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. jns4psu

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    I am considering a new IWB holster and I was wondering about comfort level of Kydex (looking at Blade Tech) vs. leather (looking at High Noon and a couple others). Can anyone share their personal experience with Kydex? I was wondering how well it conforms given that it is a relatively rigid product.



    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I carry exclusively IWB, and I find Kydex to be a pain. I will only use leather than can bend some at the edges to accomodate personal nooks and crannies

  3. Syntax360

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    Guess I'm the opposite - I use the Blade-Tech UCH for almost all of my pistols and find it to be quite comfortable. The biggest thing for me was finding the correct positioning to blend comfort and accessibility. Some folks (Thunderbear comes to mind) hate the sweat shield, but I haven't had any troubles. However, I also have a Comp-Tach C-TAC and I find the sweat shield on that to be brutal. I think comfort is a factor of body type, where you carry, what kind of belt you use, the way your pants fit, and thickness/weight of the pistol. I suppose you have to try both leather and kydex and see what works best for you...
  4. bigtaco

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    i use the kydex C-tac and find it to be very comfortable.

    i've actually fallen asleep with it on.

    driving? no problem!

    like anything, we're all a little different with different expectations of comfort. if you could find some buddies that had some different holsters you could try out, you'd be able to decide which material/style is best suited for you.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I think minute body shape differences and differences in individual preferences is probably the most important in picking holsters in general, and IWB holsters in particular. That's probably why most of us wind up with the proverbial Drawer O' Holsters before we find the setup we like. Trying on a particular holster for a while is the only real test. Recommendations from others I have found to be not very useful.
  6. ThaiBoxer

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    The Crossbreed IWB has a leather back and kydex "gun pocket" and it excels in comfort. I have one for my M40 and one for my Kahr PM40. I do cut away part of the "sweatshield area" near the grip, so that I can get my thumb in and fully grasp the pistol when drawing. IDK if other folks have have needed to do this.

    The Tucker IWB "The Answer" is similar to Crossbreed with leather back and kydex front, without the full sweatshield area around the grip area. More money, nicer finish. I don't know why Tucker charges so much, this design looks like less work than most other IWB holsters.

    I had the CompTac "Shirt Tucker" IWB Kydex for a Kahr PM40, and it was pretty uncomfortable, I think because of the sweatshield. It did hide well in dress shirt and slacks, except for the big black plastic belt clip that gave me away.

    I currently have a kydex SideArmor IWB for my 5" 1911, that is perfectly comfortable.

  7. revchuck

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    I've got both kydex and leather IWBs, and the leather is more comfortable due to its ability to mold to your body. Having said that, the kydex IWBs I have are quite comfortable, with the Comp-Tac CTAC being the best (I have one for my Beretta 92).
  8. drsmith58

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    Under Shirt Helps

    I wear an under shirt and it helps alot. Pretty much can wear it all day. Without the under shirt it about a half an hour it starts being uncomfortable.