Honey, I shrunk the Smith!

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    Went to my favorite gun shop after work Friday and picked up a very sweet, creampuff S&W 669 in trade for my almost-new M40-A1. Dealer had to look Steyr up in his book to find out what a M1A's worth.

    I bought the M40-A1 in early March thinking I was sure to love it as much as my M357-A1 with cheaper ammo to boot. If I had bought the 40 first, I'm sure I woulda loved it just fine as wine. But comparing it to the 357 Sig, I just couldn't find the love. So I decided to see if I could find a good subcompact to swap it for.

    I shipped my big S&W 1076 10mm out on Monday in a swap for a customized G29 10mm and by Friday I'm back in the Smith business again with a close relative, smaller and more soft-spoken, but with the same good S&W genes.

    Anyway, the dealer's happy and I am, too. The 669 is a 3.5" barrel subcompact and I stopped off at a friend's house in the country after the gun shop and burned about 75 rounds of FMJs and HPs through it. Sweet DA/SA shooter that seemed to be hitting dead on. Gave several tin cans a good dose of the ol' time religion. They were a lot holier when I got through with 'em. The 669 ain't an S357-A1 but she'll will do until Steyr delivers on that promise. :mrgreen:

    BTW, my friend got out his Steyr GB to shoot a few, too. Suhweeeet! And though there's little or no resemblance in looks to the MA1s, somehow the "feel" is familiar. (No, his GB is NOT FOR SALE!)

    The 669 looks like a little brother of my S&W 1076, though it's a generation younger, introduced in 1980 vs. the 1990 introduction of the 10 series. Like the 10, she has a DA/SA trigger with a decocker. Same nonspur hammer and very similar looks, just smaller and lighter.

    And the difference in 10mm and 9mm is of course dramatic on the business end. Instead of the impressive "Boom!" of the 1076, the 669 has a polite, little 9mm "pop" but she does hold 12 rds. vs. 9 for the big 1076. And of course, the barrel is three-quarter's of an inch shorter than the 4.25" 1076 and she's a heck of a lot lighter.

    I never pretended that my 1076 was well suited for carry, though the FBI toted them around under suit coats. But this little 669 will be a fine carry piece that will be easier to hide than my M357-A1 with its 4" barrel and also easier to hide than my new (to me) G29 with its 3.76" barrel, not to mention slimmer and lighter than the G29.

    Here's comparison photos of the 1076, now in Houston, Texas, with it's new owner:


    And my new (to me) S&W 669, sized to approximate proportion to the 1076 photo:


    No G29/669 range report this weekend. Had a family emergency late last night and today. Maybe next week.
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    Looks like one of the Paris Theodore Smiths..

    I'd love to have one of those to muck around with and try to duplicate a Theodore ASP.

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    Thunderbear, sign me up for one of them ASPs. I always wondered what Cleopatra shot herself with. :mrgreen:

    I googled Paris Theodore and found out he customized S&W Model 59s, the first Smith auto, with a 4" barrel. Pretty neat guns with those see-through grips to keep an eye on your mag and the guttersnipe sights.

    But I'm afraid I won't volunteer my 669 for a test platform. She's sweet enough exactly like she is for me.

    All I need now is some extra magazines. I read somewhere that other model Smith mags with 15 capacity will fit the 669 and I hope so. I googled 669 mags and they're selling for $35-$50 each! Hope Mec-Gar makes 'em cheaper.

    I'm going to a big gun show in Raleigh, NC on May 4 so I'm hopeful I can find some there a bit cheaper.

    I stripped her down and cleaned her after the post above and she didn't appear to be shot much, or the previous owner took good care of her. Either one is a good sign to me. I'm a bit puzzled over the frame. I read one place the 669 had an aluminum frame and stainless slide, another said alloy frame. It surely is light, about the same as the frame for my M357-A1 so it's about as light as polymer.