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Are there any polymer, partial, holsters available for the M 9mm? Will any of the Glock's work? I'm looking for a pancake, so I don't need a belt. Also, extra magazine pouches, pancake, polymer? Does anyone know of someone, in the Tampa Bay area, that can do a tune-up? New smoke pole, first Steyr. Apologize for all the questions. Computer and Steyr challanged.
Clay :?:
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Go to the Forums section and click on "Holsters" and you will find a number of threads (and a great sticky started by MrApathy on Glocktalk and migrated here) regarding holsters for your Steyr. We are fortunate enough to have an increasing number of holster makers producing holsters for the you can get OWB or IWB (maybe shoulder holsters) in leather, kydex or nylon.

As far as a gunsmith, you can try Accurate Plating & Weaponry ( ) in Safety Harbor (Pinellas County). They hard chrome plated my M40. Are you trying to get a trigger job?

Welcome to the club....there are a bunch of us Tampa Bay area Steyr fans.

Enjoy your new Steyr!
Thank you, and yes, I am trying to get a trigger job. I've had and used all the popular brands, but in the early 80's, while at a SWAT competition, I had the opportunity to shoot a Steyr( they had a rep. there). I was tagging plates at 75 yds. Very impressive gun.
Unfortunately, we went to Sigs. They were very good, but I still thought about the Steyr. We tested several others, but could not get Steyr to participate, and we were worried about replacement parts.
Now, 20+ years later, I have one. And feel like a kid, with a new toy, and need to put in several hours of practice, until I acquire sufficient knowledge and confidence in the weapon and my abilities.
I imagine most of my anxiety stems from unfamiliarity.
Am I jumping the "gun", or should I wait awhile and become buddies with my new smoke pole before working on it? :?:
Clay....nah....don't wait for a trigger job to impress your buds with your new's a great gun and they will like what they see.

The Steyr you shot in the 1980's....a GB?

About agency issues Sig P229's and P239's in .40 cal.....I shoot my Steyr S40 much better than my duty P229. Not to say that the Sig is a bad gun, I just don't fire it as well.
Yes. That the AUG and sniper rifle ( I cannot remember the nomenclature), great guns. If I decide to get a trigger job, who would you suggest? I have just about everything, and now the Steyr, so do my buds (sans Steyr), so they will be hard to impress.
I mentioned a pancake holster before, I meant a paddle. Something light, tight, canted and comfortable. Also, a couple extra mag holders. Any advice? I tried checking the sites suggested, but only one worked. Have not bought anything other than high-end for years, so getting the accessories is a pain. I don't know what is interchangeable.
Thanks for any advice. I assume you shoot Master, so if the Steyr makes me shoot better than a perfect score, I'll be a happy camper. :D
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