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Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Guest, Dec 18, 2006.

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    I just bought my first handgun ever today, a used Steyr M40 (not the A1). It came with 5-10rd. mags for $299. My question is what kind of holster should I get. I know that's like asking what I should eat for dinner tonight (completely subjective). I'm a lefty and I would like a concealed carry holster. Other than that I'm really open to ideas.

    I noticed at the gun stores most of the employees wear holsters that are open and don't have a thumb strap. How safe are these? I read that there is some kind of retention mechanism but I couldn't figure out from the brief description.

    So please give me your thoughts and if you know of a good place online to buy from include a link.

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    Welcome to the club SonicBoom. I am lefty also and have a Kydex holster for use CCW. It's made my Blade Tech and its decent. Thumb snaps are good if you are going to be rolling around, riding a bike, or some such thing. Also if your a LEO. For most of us the snap is another step to getting your pistol out. My BladeTech has a screw retention system so you can tighten it pretty good.. Expect to wait a good 6 weeks for BladeTech........In the modules on the Left you will see a section for other holsters (I think in the Web Links section)..........Good hunting............

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    Most of the custom makers can produce a holster for the M series.
    There are a very few "production" holsters available.
    Kydex is nice but leather is stronger and usually conceals better.

    For a reasonable price and relatively fast delivery I would reccomend a pancake style from FIST.
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    Not sure if they make holsters for the older M's, but I have a (lefty) Blade-Tech UCH that I really like.
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    Blade tech can make for the older M series.