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    Steyr Club Approved vendor:
    HeavyMetalHolsters - Kydex/Leather, Custom/Build to order
    http://www.kdholsters.com/ Leather
    Cleveland's Holsters LLC - Kydex/Leather

    http://www.shop.customcarryconcepts.com - Kydex
    http://www.Blade-tech.com - Kydex
    http://www.Fobusholster.com - Sig 229/Steyr
    http://www.highnoonholsters.com - Leather
    http://www.fist-inc.com/holsters - Kydex/leather
    http://www.donhume.com - Kydex/Leather
    http://www.usgalco.com - Leather
    http://www.wildbillsconcealment.com - Leather
    http://www.tuckergunleather.com - Leather
    http://www.grahamholsters.com - Leather
    http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com - Leather
    http://www.delfatti.com - Leather
    http://www.comp-tac.com - Kydex
    http://www.haugenhandgunleather.com - Leather
    http://www.bagmaster.com - Nylon/Cordura
    http://www.hoffners.com - Leather
    http://www.horseshoe.co.uk - Leather
    http://www.doubletriple.com - Universal holster
    http://www.concealco.com - Leather
    http://www.raftersgunleather.com - Leather
    http://www.uncle-mikes.com - Universal nylon/cordura
    http://www.grandfatheroak.com - Kydex
    http://www.BulmanGunLeather.com - Leather
    http://www.Contact-Holsters.lv - Leather
    http://www.jmgholsters.com - Leather

    couple holsters availible from
    http://www.usasteyr.com - Leather/Polymer

    Backwoods Leather - Leather (No website)
    3022 Tyre Neck Road
    Portsmouth, VA 23703
    (757) 483 4872

    have a holster from one of the manufactures post a review.

    my bad on missing comp-tac. had them on the faq page table.
    thanks for pointing that out IDPA Steyr.

    updated thanks to srfl. even though its United Kingdom. I have ordered few items from the UK shipping was not to bad and arrived in ok time.

    wonder if a Canadian source availible.

    updated 8/26/04
    added RIPPED and srfl sources.

    when posting info I need specificly this for update to faq info
    kydex is it synthetic holster

    leather made of leather

    cordura/nylon get the picture yet?

    IWB=In Waist ban for concealed carry

    Shoulder for shoulder harness and under arm carry

    Belt/Open is the holster belt mounted and open carry style

    Universal meaning not a specific model for specific gun will work for variety of pistols with number of dimensions and barrel length
    yes no answer. got a holster you like tell us bout it just dont get to wordy please.

    updated 02/20/05
    BulmanGunLeather and Contact-Holsters in Latvia [/b]
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    I still need a holster, so today I stopped by Academy sports to see if they had any cheapies to get me by until I settle on a more permanent solution.

    I found and purchased a:

    Federal Holsterworks- Ambedextrous Belt Holster, size 4.

    It is not a very good fit for my M9 and I will be returning it. So we can add this one to the list of tried it, didn't work--next please.

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    I got my holster from http://www.kytac.com. It is similar in style to the bladetech. So far it has been a good holster but it took months to get it.
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    This sticky should serve as a nice database for us. When you post about a holster you have tried, please include what model it is (even if it's specific for the Styer, or for which Steyr).

    Just a suggested format---



    Said to fit:

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    Eric from hbeleather.com built for me an exceptional pancake holster for my M9.

    MiltSparks.com also has an M9 mold and they are building for me a lined leather OWB holster.
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    Some nice looking holsters. My only problem is which one to buy. I am sure when it's all said and done I will have at least two for the M9.
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    Some more info on holster makers - Andrew at http://www.concealco.com now makes holsters for the A1 series as well. He uses his personal M40A1 for the mold. :) I just ordered one of his IWBAs for my M40 - it's my third holster from him. I have an IWBA for my S&W 4" K frames and a pancake for my S&W 4" N frames that he made up for me, and they're excellent. (FWIW, most of my handguns are 4" S&W revolvers.)

    Just FYI.
  9. Can someone break the holster list down into an M-series and A1 category? Or maybe just add below the list places that carry the A1? That would rock if we could do that.
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    Howdy Boys :)

    I'd like to add Mark Craighead's Crossbreed Holsters to the list. Leather and Kydex. Simple, nice fit, light weight, and very affordable. This is his bottom of the line holster. I hate to spend extra when its my hope that it not be seen. Comfort, retention and concealability is my primary concern. He's got some fancy models, too. Check out his line of holsters at


    Here'a a pic of the one he built for me.


    This one I actually modified for behind my back IWB and it looked a bit nicer when it arrived to my door...nickel rivets and more leather. I popped the factory rivets off, re-angeled the Kydex, punched some more holes and cut away some of the leather. I re-riveted the Kydex to the leather with some rivets I had layin' around. They aren't as nice as the ones that Mark uses. <shrug> Talk to Mark on the phone and it'll help ya to get exactly what you want. This one was made for the M40, not the M40-A1. The Picatinny rail was catching a bit so I fixed that too. <shrug> Anyway, that's my $0.02 worth.

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    Rescomp make the CR Speed Model G competition holster.

    It is a race holster for the Glock which can be modified easily to fit the Steyr M9-A1.

    It is an older model but available from a lot of places inc. Brownells

    See thread on modifications here: https://www.steyrclub.com/f/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4654

    A modified CR-Speed:


    Cheers PP
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    I did post this in another thread but to repeat my support from ubg holsters that the Canute holster is great for my M9A1 and the customer service is great quick response time in emails already ordered a iwb single mag holster to go with my new canute. highly recommend for a conceal carry option
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    I am currently having custom carry concepts try to make a speacial holster for me with leather and kydex. I will let you know how it goes. He is quite busy and is out of town often so it is taking a while. I have heard great things about him and his company. I believe he is a member of the forum as well. I hope it all works out and I will take pics and keep you all infomed
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    +1 on the crossbreed supertuck! I actually own one, and I have to say this thing is super comfortable and very very concealable. I actually carry my M40-A1 in nice weather with just a T-shirt on, and no one notices.