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Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Guest, Sep 1, 2006.

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    OK, I want to get a pancake style holster fot my new M40-A1 and wanted some advice. I see that blueline leather has one for $35...pretty cheap!! Am I better off getting a DeSantis or a Galco? They seem to be a bit more money. What holsters do you guys have and are you happy? Thanks for the help!! 8)
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    I have a Galco and I would love to have the Blueline paddle. havent seen the Desanti.

    post is probably best in the holster section perhaps a nice mod can transplant this.

    Galco is good quality holster but the cant doesnt work well for me

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    I own a Blue line thumb break, not bad at all but the leather is a bit thicker than others

    I own a Galco FLETCH and it is fairly nice and uses thinner leather.

    I just ordered a K&D, he's one of the forum advertisers and makes a nice looking snap on/off holster. Custom made at a price lower than production

    Desantis makes a holster sold through Steyr. I have not seen one but Desantis holsters are adequate and on par with Galco and Biancci stuff.

    FIST also makes any of their styles for the Steyr
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    I threw away 40 bucks on a cheap holster. Now I have two. The throw away was not a Blue Line, they look just fine. Wrap your Steyr in something nice!
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    I like my Blue Line paddle--very simple design, good workmanship, and easy to use.