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Any P7 fans here? It seems the Steyr has a limited -- but dedicated -- following, similar to the "Cult" of the P7.

Although I think highly of my three Steyrs, I've got to say my P7s are still -- by far -- my favorite.

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Yes, you aren't the only one that likes the P7. Heck of a fine pistol, like most H&Ks. Nice collection you have there.

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Are you guys made of money? That's multiple thousands of dollars in those pictures. I actually thought about getting a P7M8 for my first centerfire autoloader. But then I read that they get almost untouchably hot after a few magazines. Is that true? I got a Steyr M9A1 instead. I'm very satisfied with it. Later,
Ha! Not made of money -- just been adding to the collection over many years. Sometimes I joke about my P7s being part of my retirement fund because of the way they've appreciated in price. Of the 9, the 2 Jubilee M8s (still unfired of course -- only 500 made) are may favorite in appearance. But in terms of a shooter, one of my M10s (the other is unfired) has to be my favorite -- by far one of the most accurate and mildest shooting .40s that I've ever fired.

The only thing missing from my collection is the P7K3. Doubtful if I'll ever add one due to the buffer issues with that particular model -- and the high price tag it draws due to very limited production.

The next best investment has been the P7M10 -- only 4K made it to the USA (only 1K of those were blue). The P7M13 has begun to increase significantly in value since "normal" production was ceased in 2005.

For concealed carry, I still prefer one of the P7 (PSP) models. Slightly smaller, without the heat shield, and employing a European magazine release. One of those was my first P7s -- that quickly got me hooked into the P7 cult.

Yes, they do get hot after a few magazines of ammunition fired quickly. But then, it wasn't really intended to be an extended use range gun -- rather a self defense weapon system. Even though I've used a few of them in multi-day training courses, the heat has not been a problem for me. Then again, the heating issue is a good excuse to have more than one P7! 8)
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I owned a P7 about 20 years ago. A very neat and reliable piece, but rather heavy for its size.

Mine did indeed get almost too hot to touch after just two quick magazine's worth of shooting. Granted, it wasn't meant for laying down covering fire, but that does cramp your style at the shooting range.

I finally sold it because it had a long, mushy trigger that I (at the time) just hated. I was used to finely-tuned 1911 triggers, and the HK just didn't cut it. But now, having finally gotten used to the longer trigger pulls of Glocks and Steyrs, I rather wish I had my little P7 back again.
As usual, I'm completely jealous of two of my fellow Steyroids. Nice collections, guys!! 8-O
Hey, one of those M13's look awfully familiar! :wink:

Actually, I have been P7less for a couple months now, however, I do have a BYP PSP on the way to me so I can get my much needed fix!
Looks like we have a little mini-cult gathering here, don't we guys?
Owned and used various P7's for many years and have nothing but good to say about them. As pointed out (re ~ heatup) the P7 isn't a range gun but it has to be one of the best defensive hanguns ever devised ~ safe, small and 100% reliable. Fits just about any hand too. Mine's dressed in a Price Western (English) combat holster. Are P7's worth the "extra" money over other small 9mm's ~ to me a definite yes but with the caveat that what works for one doesn't work for another. Whatever other handguns I own (and I have a few) I wouldn't be without at least one P7 :D
yeah... we could all have p7's if you guys would stop hording them!!!!

(jealous rage is quietly consuming me)

i did a 200 round defensive class with a guy shooting a p7. he didn't seem to be affected by heat. but i guess we'd shoot 6-10 shots and then let the next guy go and back and forth like that. so maybe it wasn't getting hot.

it's funny what you say about the trigger mikey, cause after pulling my steyr all day i thought his p7 had a nice smooth short crisp trigger.
bigtaco said:
it's funny what you say about the trigger mikey, cause after pulling my steyr all day i thought his p7 had a nice smooth short crisp trigger.
Well, it WAS 20 years ago :D and I’m going by my now rapidly fading memory. It’s possible that my P7 was just a bad example (aside from the one I owned, I’ve never shot any other P7’s) or maybe my tastes in trigger pulls have moderated a bit with time and experience.

By “today’s” standards, that little H&K’s trigger probably wasn’t all that bad. It’s just that, when I shot it side-by-side with my old Colt 1911 Gold Cup, the P7’s trigger seemed to come up a little short.

Man, was I being a picky SOB back then, or what???

I cam across a NIB or at least LNIB Chantilly P7M8 today. If it isn't NIB, it is the nicest LNIB I've come across -- the gas cylinder was cleaner than my confirmed NIB Jubilees.

I considered picking it up tomorrow -- as the price is excellent at $1275.

However, so I won't be considered to be hording another P7 :wink: I'll offer the dealer's name and location to you via PM if you'd like to pick it up.

As you know, the last of these are making it to the US -- and finding a Chantilly-era example in this condition -- and for this price, is pretty rare.

Let me know if you are interested.

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that's real nice of you flyandscuba.

i thoroughly appreciate the offer. but the real reason i don't own a p7 is the 1275!!!

the "hording" is just an excuse. i mean, i can buy a REAL nice set of mud tires for that skrilla, or a dana 60, or a 220 volt 3 horse table saw with a 60 inch fence. or do 4 track days on the bike, or buy 10,000 rounds of 9mm, or go flying or scubaing atleast a couple times. or buy 2 new steyrs with lots of extra mags.

besides, my steyr's a very bigoted. they only like their own kind.

guns are only "worth" what people are willing to pay for them. having handled one, i'm afraid i'm not of a mind to part with the cash. but they are excellent pistols.
WONDERFUL Collection Scuba!!!

Yeah it's me Germanic from PCT... I've been enjoying my two M8s and my M13 for the few years that I've owned them.

Your collection is truly outstanding. Those Jubies are beautiful! I sure wish I'd have jumped on one when they came out. Unfortunately, none of my local dealers ever had one. Should've special ordered one, been kicking myself ever since!

Yep, I love those P7s!!!

When I was buying my first pistol a good while back I seriously thought about getting the P7, but the then-$600+ price tag drove me off 8-O
Glad to see a few of my "Cult" brethren over here! They are of course older and wiser than I, and thus, have purchased Steyrs well in advance of my discovery of these fine pistols. My Steyr is quickly becoming a favorite, however, I don't think anything will ever replace the P7 as my primary carry piece.
Doesn't the P7 family have the same angle between the bore and the stock that the Steyr M/S pistols have? 111 degrees?
Ever since Die Hard first came out I've been a fan of the P7....I'm going to count to three there will not be a four.
steyrcase said:
Doesn't the P7 family have the same angle between the bore and the stock that the Steyr M/S pistols have? 111 degrees?

The P7 series has a 110 degree grip angle.
Yes, the P7 has perfection...the 110 degree grip angle... :wink:
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