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    Paulus here, an older fart in his 50's and an import from the Netherlands. Proud father of three boys - started late so they are still hanging around the house - oldest is 20. Married for 25 years. Hobbies are making and fixing stuff - cars, sailboats, woodworking, and, hopefully, shooting my Steyr classic rifle, soon.

    Glad to be with ya.
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    I'm pretty new here myself, though I lurked for a long time. Welcome to the club - I've found a lot of excellent information about the Steyr weapons, and the level of conversation tends to be several notches above most of the gun boards I've haunted.

    I've got an S9 I picked up NIB last year, after shooting a buddy's M40 while looking for a new CCW piece. It's a wonderful pistol, though a bit particular about what ammo it likes (the *really* cheap stuff seems to present problems for many Steyrs...)


  3. Nice,

    We could use a man like yourself on this board! We have alot of guys in here who know tons of stuff about the Steyr pistols, but I would like to see more on Steyr rifles (not just AUGs). You'll find a lot of like minded people in here who also enjoy taking things apart to find out how and why they do what they do. Mr. Apathy is a great example and that guy should be (if he isn't already) an engineer.

    Welcome Aboard.