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cheaper but !!!!

Have any of u heard of hi point weapons they are cheap, 8-O very cheap.. if so how do they handle?
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working mans gun...

Hi-point bills themselves as the working mans gun. Cheap but effective and they have a no BS lifetime warranty. Clunky, yup1, kinda ugly...yup!....but for the money not bad. One of the handgun mags reviewed them last year, and it was a solidly positive review, said that the triggers were much better than you would expect on a gun of htis cost.

The Hi-point carbine in 9mm or .40 is also supposed to be a bit of a tack-driver, and runs really well, not flimsy, but not so sexy as a kel-tec (seen many post about kel-tec carbines being so cool looking, yet shoot for shit.

here is a good thread on them over on the Saiga Forum....

I'm hoping to get one of the carbines myself sometime soon.....
had a calico m-100 carbine about 15 years ago....thing jammed about every 3rd was a hunk of crap....knowing what i do now, maybe i could have filed a few things and made it work better...but i was just a kid back then...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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