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cheaper but !!!!

Have any of u heard of hi point weapons they are cheap, 8-O very cheap.. if so how do they handle?
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i don't own one but... i've thought about buying one just because.

to hold them is to define clunky. they feel awkward, cheap and plasticky. but the people who own them, much like the people who own kel-tecs absolutely love them, once they accept them for what they are.

the place where i buy guns sells them on a daily basis. hi-point offers a lifetime warrenty, no questions asked. send it in, get it fixed or replaced. tough to beat. you listening steyr?

shooters say they're "not that bad". i've yet to try one myself.

most people that knock them haven't owned or fired them. i'd say they're worth checking out.

i bought a kel-tec sub2000 on the cheap as a cheapy alternative to a 9mm AR. i've spent less on this thing than most people spend on scopes and absolutely love it. people say the same about the hi-point carbines. no reason to believe the pistols have problems, when they do... they're fixed.
my kel-tec in 9mm shoots the same bullet hole at 25 yards. i got it mainly to shoot action rifle matches where they won't let you shoot .223. i haven't tried it at fifty yet, but the word is that the sub par accuracy at long ranges is a 9mm problem. there's just not much taco sauce behind the bullet. reports are that 9mm won't even knock steel down at 75 yards, so with that little energy, it's not surprising that accuracy at longer distances is dismal.

i've heard that 10" groups at 100yards is pretty typical. but at 100 yards, give me a dpms ar-30.

i can tell you that the bore's inside diameter is much bigger than the steyr's. i have to double up patches when i clean it.

the biggest complaint i heard about kel-tec carbines was that the trigger blows. i don't know what is up with mine, but it feels like butter. smooth, crisp, clean.

the only thing keeping me from buying the hi point carbine is the unavailablility of 33 round mags. it's funny to put 100 rounds in three magazines: one in the gun and two in your mag pouch. imagine how guys with calicos feel!!

i shot my kel-tec at two matches last summer. holy crap, what a hoot. everyone has to try it once.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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