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I have a Steyr SBS Tactical it has been a great rifle. I had a M.357 sig but sold that to fund a 1911 buy. I am considering getting an M9 for a range gun.

I think I walked into a great deal today. A 95% condition Steyr SSG-69, Steyr detachable rings, 1 mag, a Leupold tactical scope, and a Parker Hale bipod.

The asking price was $1590.

The downside of it is I will have to sell my SBS Tactical to come up with the rest of the cash. I put some money down to hold the rifle until I am sure its a good deal. So far it seems to be from looking at prices online.


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I always search the net for information and price before I buy anything. I must admit that I have always had good success in finding the cheapest prices on my pays to research and take your time. I know that the CDNN had some great deals on SSG rifles a few years ago and I believe they were around $1,000, so I would venture to say that you found a good deal. Especially if you confirmed prices online. Good luck to you.

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I just picked up a SSG 69 with 26m Tally Rings, Nikon Buckmaster scope for $1399. Everything else that I have seen online doesn't come with the rings and costs $1800+.

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