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try FIST they have one in the same style.

Or write them and ask if they would mak onee for the steyrs. Tell them about this board and how many steyr owners out there have limited holster selections, and we rely on word of keyboard for reccomendations.

Also tell them the few people who do make custom steyr holsters have had good experience in getting non-firing dummies sent from steyr, but you know and like their brand and wish they would make one.

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Nice link, KONY. Useful!

I'm expecting my Fist holster any day now. I will definitely post when I receive it and have a chance to try it out.

I ordered an IWB, adjustable cant model with interchageable belt attachments - #17A. I won't get the chance to truly use it for IWB public carry until my permit arrives, but I'll definitely give it some range/desert time and see how it feels.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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