Help me choose a 1911

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Guest, Apr 8, 2005.

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    These are the only two I'm currently considering

    First SA Loaded PX9152L

    Second SIG GSR May 05 Limited Edition
  2. FlaChef

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    Oooo... PRETTY.

    between those two I'd say 8+1 is better than 7+1, and i like the look of two-tone guns.

    The rail is nice, but do you want/need it?

    Same for the night sights, while i prefer fixed sites do you have a need/want for night sites?

    If I had the money in hand and those two were staring at me from a display case I'd go Sig.

    but how do they compare in feel/ shooting (I'd expect nothing less than great from both those) to you!
    As long as your in the same price/dependability/accuracy ballparks it's all preferance.

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    Price difference will be about $200.(sig is pricier)

    I'd like night sights and a rail though neither of them have both I can choose one or the other. The intention is when the gun has proven it'self it'll be a nightstand gun with some trips to the range it won't see any carry duty. But for low light shooting I'd like either the rail or the tritium.

    As far as 8+1 or 7+1 thats a simple change of magazine.

    Originally I was dead set on the sig then I saw the SA sitting there in the case on top of it's nice wooden box they come in and was very drawn to it and the blackend stainless steel.

  4. Matches

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    $200 can buy a lot of ammo. I'd say if you can't decide go with the cheaper of the two.

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    Technically speaking I could get the SA AND an M9 with my may budget....hmm decisions.
  6. FlaChef

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    for nightstand duty I'd rather have a rail and a flashlight, or laser.

    Nightsites are only useful when it's so dark you really can't be sure of your target anyway (i should say depending on the color and size of the inserts, some are worse than others). Personally I like Hi-viz sights as being more useful in more light situations.

    also being a limited edition the sig will hold value and maybe go up, if you're concerned about such things.

    Still though for $200 that's an S9 that willl be gone forever soon!
    Unless you already have one of those (or want a second as an unfired S9 will be worth a lot more in 1 year).
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    It's unbelievable to me how many 1911 options there are now. I was shooting a customized SA 1911 over 12 years ago and you had to spend a fortune to get your gun close to how they come from the factories now. And Sig making a 1911 - pure blasphemy!

    Anyway, I recently shot a S&W 1911SC. This is the all-Scandium Commander-sized 1911 (4.25 inch barrel). VERY impressive, especially for the money. Nice and lightweight should you ever want to carry, but super strong too for years of enjoyment. These run about $100 less than the SA Loaded 1911, but don't come with night sights as standard (but do come with two 8-round Novak mags). They do come with low-profile Novak's already, so you could easily swap them for the Tritium Novaks. Or you could spend that $100 on 3 more high-caps for your M/S9.

    If you are dead set on either of the two you mentioned, I would go with the SA. I shot about 100,000 rounds through my Brazil-made Stainless SA, won a regional IPSC Limited championship, and 12 years later it will still shoot under 3 inches at 25 yards with WWB. Amazing.

    Good luck with your purchases!

  8. kemosabe

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    I'd go for the GSR. JMHO 8)
  9. hihoslva

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    If capacity is at ALL a concern, I would recommend taking a peek at Para Ordnance's line of pistols. They make hi-cap 1911 models with double-stack magazines that hold up 14+1 rounds of .45 8O. They also have traditional single-action hammer pistols, as well as their own revolutionary "LDA" (Light Double Action) system, which is double action only, but using a very very very very light trigger pull and lightweight hammer that looks more like a tab of steel; no spur, nothing exposed, since you can't cock it anyway. It's an interesting system.

    Other than that, I don't have enough experience with 1911s to make a recommendation on the two you posted. Simply wanted to interject about the Para hi-cap models, if you care about capacity, and the LDA trigger system.
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    I like SA and have had a few but I handled a GSR at a recent gun show and all I can says WOOOOOOOHOOOOO! It is probably the best fit and finish I have EVER seen in a 1911. I practically begged the seller to let me take it apart so I could see inside but he wouldn't go for it.